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  1. who made the battle songs?

    hi there,  quick question here, does any one knows who compose the battle songs? Is there a name? or can I just say RPG Maker is the composer? And for the records, I am aware that I don't need to give credits to RPG maker when I'm releasing a game, however, this is not for that. I need to...
  2. Cannot figured out how to use self-switch. Please help

    Hey guys, I know that this should be easy but for some reason I just cannot get it to work :(   Looking at the picture above, my problem is that I cannot get it to do the IF statement. Every time I run this, I will always get "Switching to Secondary Party." What am I doing wrong...
  3. Small text on high resolution computer

    Hey guys, I just got RPGmaker MV. However, my laptop resolution is 3000x2000. Is there any way to make the fonts bigger?  My current solution is to set the display resolution to 1920x1080 but that's not ideal for me. Since that makes everything else looks bad (mainly web broswer where I...
  4. 2 question about battle events.

    Hey again!   So quick questions: Right now, this is my settings. ^This is from System tab ^This is from Troops tab With the 2 picture above, noticed that my I have a default song set under "System settings" Now, the default song always play for every battle. ^Battle Screen If i...
  5. set creature turned into something else while using move-route

    So hi again, I'm back with another quick question. So as you can see in the image above: There are four events. The bottom three are events with no contents and graphics only. And the top is where all the stuff happens. So long story short, my top event will run and eventually delete the...
  6. How do I teleport my player to a ship?

    Hello, I have a quick question. right now I'm struggling to figure out how to teleport (transfer player) my character from a different map into a ship. And also, have the ship auto-move (using move route) This is my settings so far: And yes, in case you're wondering, I successfully transfer...
  7. quick question - I'm new

    Hey there, just some few quick questions. 1) to the people who uses/used the Game Character Hub ( How useful is it? Does it also make faces (portrait) or just sprites? 2) Is there any more tutorial games for RPG Maker VX Ace? I...

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