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  1. Do all RPGMakers have a map limit?

    I've been looking around for an RPG Maker to buy and the ones I did use in the past had a 100 map limit (or lower). I've been wanting to make a fairly large game and I'm scared a 100 map limit isnt going to cut it. Which RPG maker is the most flexible in terms of maps? (Making maps larger...
  2. Trouble with Transparency on items and pictures

    So is there a way to keep transparency when converting images to 256 color form? I've especially been trying to make a lantern effect but it takes the gradient away. I've been trying to make lots of transparent items as well but it also takes the transparency away. Does the 2k3 version not allow it?
  3. Making "hero" sprite bigger?

    Is there a way to make the hero's sprite a little larger? all the other character sprites are stationary but he's 2/3 or 1/2 of their height? help appreciated. I'm making the sprites if it helps.
  4. Need help with sprites~

    Hello! Im puu and im kinda new to RPG maker 2003. I've made a few games here and there and i still have a noobie question lingering: Can i make sprites taller in RPG maker 2003? like 72x48 tall? I just really hate the short and chibi sprites we usually end up making. Any help is appreciated~...

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