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  1. gmestanley

    How do I use pixi.js

    In RPG Maker MV, pixi.js is a JS Library that can apply effects to the screen, such as inverting colors, making it blurry, etc. I've seen this on the RPG Maker Channel Episode 3a.  But, how do I use pixi on my project? I've seen that the video explains what it does, but not how we use...
  2. gmestanley

    Change Game Resolution when in Full Screen

    I have seen the resolution problem on the 1.3.3 Update official post (which was originally the 1.3.2 one), and I've seen this problem by myself too. It looks ridiculous that we'll have to stick with two large black borders if we want to press F4 (Undertale did that too, although that's another...
  3. gmestanley

    3D Models in a 2D RPG Maker game

    So, after playing lots of hours of TF2 (120hs, exactly) and watching the first bit of a FFVII longplay, I had this thought: "Is it a good idea to put 3D Models as sprites in a 2D RPG Maker game?" I don't know if this can be or was already made by a indie dev, it sounds too crazy to be...
  4. gmestanley

    Customizing fpsmeter.js

    So, RPG Maker now has a plugin that adds a FPS meter, which is kind of great since games from nowadays use fps meters to show how fast or slow they are running. However, I want to customize this plugin to make it my way, adding a second number (for example: 60 FPS would become 60.00 FPS) so...
  5. gmestanley

    How can I create an RPG game that's not Undertale?

    So, I'm currently working on my game, and while I was wandering through the Internet, I thought: "How can I create a non-Undertale RPG?" Actually, what I'm saying is that how could I create a game nowadays so that people wouldn't pass by and say "bah its not undertale so its not good" Let...
  6. gmestanley

    Bunny Battler for MV

    So, I'm working on my current game, Elkiria Land, and one of the game's characters is a bunny. Yeah, a bunny. #yanflyforthewin Well I've already found a charset and a faceset for the character, but finding a battler is the major problem here. Can you guys help me? I searched through all...
  7. gmestanley

    Black squares above enemies

    Hey guys, what's up? gmestanley here! So, I was testing my game, then I remembered I haven't talked you about one thing that's wrong with my game: I don't know when or why, but I've been seeing that somehow, weird black squares appear above the enemies: Does someone know why this is...
  8. gmestanley

    RPG Maker MV Animation Template

    So, I want to know what's the template for a RPG Maker MV Animation, because I'm creating an animation for my character's Homerun skill. ...yep, that's right, Homerun.
  9. gmestanley

    RPG Maker Web's Forums' "Ranks"

    Yo, guys! I've seen those ranks below the users' avatars (Member, Veteran, Developer and Early Ace), and I'm here wondering "how does it works?", so I made this topic so you guys can help me out with this one. #RPGMVDarkThemeRules  :rock-right:
  10. gmestanley

    I'm having a problem with Yanfly's Enhanced TP Plugin.

    Hey guys, what's up? Long time I don't see you, eh? Alright, let's go the point: I recently downloaded Enhanced TP, a plugin that Yanfly made for RPG Maker MV.  And it works pretty well, to say the least. However, I made some configurations on the plugin (not it's JS script, on the...
  11. gmestanley

    About DLCs

    So, I've seen that RPG Maker MV has now a Sci-Fi style, too. And I've once seen that one of MV's DLCs include Sci-Fi Characters and Battlers, but none of the DLCs i've seen on Steam has any of those. Could someone say to me, which RPG Maker MV DLC includes this stuff (Sci-Fi Characters and...
  12. gmestanley

    Hello, people!

    Hello, people of the RPG Maker community! I'm very happy on joining this forum!  :D Everyone knows me in the Internet as AGS, and...also, I'm not good with introductions as I were two years ago.  :P Anyways, I was already a user of RPG Maker VX Ace and when MV has been released, I got very...

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