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  1. Help with YEP_VictoryAftermath

    Can someone help me with a way to hide the 'Agility' attribute from showing up when actors lv up? That's all.:)
  2. magical attack based on hit rate

    What I would like it's something simple I believe. Like the physical type skills which is based on the actor/foes hit rate, I would like the magical type skills also being affect by the hit rate. I know I could change all the magical skills types to physical types but then I would have no use...
  3. About encryption

    I want to know if i make a demo or completed game with MV RTP sources if they must be encrypted. Also, what about open projects within game download?Is it allowable?I want my game to be non-commercial BTW.
  4. Target rate issue.

    In my project i have a tank character to the be party punch bag but i'm afraid it may be boring all boss battles the tank role. The tank character have optional gear and skills to increase its target rate. I know a state can be removed from a actor by a skill but not if a gear have such state...
  5. Battle Voice Plugin

    I would like to know if this plugin of Kannazuki could be edited to give more command voices than just Attack, Skill and Spell for attacks and if someone would know how to work on it.
  6. Shinning tile or dot

    Newbie question here. I want have in a stationary event its tile shining or those shining dots from event image in !Flame(below right).These shining dots just work when the event moves or can they be applied to fixed events as well?If not can i make a tile shine without changing map tileset?
  7. victory instance at batlle's end

    there's a way to change the defaut victory instance with actors jumping with their fist up and smiling by disable it or doing something else?i use yanfly victory aftermath by the way.
  8. mv game with no battle background

    sorry if a topic like this already the title says i want opinions if you were to play a mv game if it not having battle background would look bad.for me looks nice most of time and the defauts backgrounds often seem to me as if didn't represent the scenario the characters are battling...
  9. actor get buff upon other actor dies

    as the title says i want a buff for actor when another dies as form of bonus in battle.i tried give actor alive the state with common events but i couldn't work out.also plugin from Chronosv2 but just a single event to just one actor works.what would be nice if someone could show me examples how...

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