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  1. topar395

    Gauge Action System

    These new updates are great! I really like the reversed lifetime bar. Just not really sure what to do with these new codes. isMoving(), isDead(), isSuccess(), isFailed() and isCancelled().          Disregard that message sorry, Those commands are for the drill! :)  
  2. topar395

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Thank you HiddenOne> Happy Holidays!
  3. topar395

    [UPDATED: April 11th 2017] The Sci-Fi Hangar| New Crate

    The shields are sweet! Thanks. have a great Holiday!
  4. topar395

    need help with my map ediing

    I would suggest trying this tutorial  and others alike Ace and MV pretty much use the same mapping techniques. Lots of you tube  tutorials out there to help you to. :)
  5. topar395

    Flirion's Charsets and Facesets recolors (MV) - Updated 19/11/19

    Thank you Flirion for all your awesomeness? Have a great Holiday Season.
  6. topar395

    Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    Avery, you are a true Icon Goddess! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with all of us. I hope you have happy holiday season.
  7. topar395

    [UPDATED: April 11th 2017] The Sci-Fi Hangar| New Crate

    These are nice and Laser bows coming too! Your first even. My first look like $%^%# lol. Thank you very much for sharing.
  8. topar395

    I need help/advice with skill animations!

    I'm not sure if this what you are looking for but I think it might be.
  9. topar395

    Map Generator

    No need to say sorry. Thanks for your hard work and the demo.
  10. topar395

    Chalkdust Resources

    Really great stuff! Thanks for sharing.
  11. topar395

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Would just like to say thank you very much for the wonderful resources. Nothing else like it out there. Just curious though if I'm the only one not able to get the anthrp head to show on the female TV? Everything else is working great!
  12. topar395

    Bon Bon's MV Resources - New 1-19-16 Two New Titles for School based games

    Thank You Mr. Bon Bon for all your hard work!!
  13. topar395

    Festivals and Celebrations!

    The horses are very nice. Thanks for sharing!
  14. topar395

    Spaceship Minigame Plugin

    Awesome Stuff!! Took me waaaaay back. I see it is marked as v1.0 Do you have a newer version in the making or plans for one? Because I could see shooting down other ships and picking up people as an option. Thank you very much for your hard work and the nostalgia.
  15. topar395

    Shards (Icons) for Galv's Magic Shards Plugin (2200+)

    Sweet! Thanks and please take your time there is no hurry on this end. Gonna be a while before I something to release to the public.
  16. topar395

    Shards (Icons) for Galv's Magic Shards Plugin (2200+)

    Hi Soryn, love the icons and thanks for the hard work. I see you are up for requests and  was wondering if you be up to making these icons with just the symbols and no backgrounds (not all of them just one of each symbol). I think they would work well with Yanfly's Event Mini Label plugin.
  17. topar395

    Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    Wow, I thought that your other icons were awesome, but these just take the cake and I'm eatin 'em! Thanks Avery!!
  18. topar395

    RPGMakerWeb MV Resource Showcase Directory

    Grandma you are awesome, Thanks so much for saving us the the time searching the web. Your the greatest!
  19. topar395

    McSundae's Tall Sprite Corner - Updated with alot People [18/02/16]

    Those are really nice. How do we get it to sv_battler form?
  20. topar395

    McSundae's Tall Sprite Corner - Updated with alot People [18/02/16]

    Thanks a bunch! I'll give it a shot. If I come up with something that looks worthwhile I'll give you a shout.  Well here is my "attempt". I am new to photo editing but was pretty easy and I think i got everything set right. The hair is TV_RearHair2_p15 and the helmet is from Bokou...

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