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  1. TicklishWasabi

    Flowing River

    I was wondering if it was possible to have a river that consistently pulls the player in one direction, without taking away control from the player. So traveling against the current would lower your move speed, with it would increase it, but not moving at all would also move you downstream. And...
  2. TicklishWasabi

    Decreasing delay between attacks

    Is it possible to decrease the delay between attacks? Specifically, when you increase the attack times for an actor or for an item, can the delay between those attacks be shortened? -Thanks
  3. TicklishWasabi

    Movement Route Question

    I know there is a "skip if cannot move" button for movement routes, but is there a way to set the event to wait if it can't move? Like for instance, you have an NPC moving through an area, and the player walks in front of him, stopping the NPC, maybe talks to the NPC, and then when the player...
  4. TicklishWasabi

    Add a state to a player if they attack an enemy

    I looked around a bit and I'm not sure how to word it, so maybe that's why i can't find anything, but is there a way to have an enemy have a state, which then, in turn, gives a different state to the player if they attack the enemy in battle? For example, an enemy would have a poisonous state...
  5. TicklishWasabi

    Freezing Player Movement Without Wait Command

    I'm making an event where the player occasionally gets pushed back with some wind, to do this I've put the gusts on a timer, and then set the move route of the player to be pushed in the appropriate direction. The problem is once they've been pushed to a place where they can't be pushed any...
  6. TicklishWasabi

    Skill doing 0 damage?

    I'm using this formula to calculate damage for a basic magic attack: (((a.mat + a.level * 2) - b.mdf) ** 1.33) + (a.mat / 2) and this formula for a basic physical attack: (((a.atk + a.level * 2) - b.def) ** 1.33) + (a.atk / 2) The physical attack works, but it seems that whenever I replace...
  7. TicklishWasabi

    Down scaling your enemy illustrations without making them look blurry

    *TLDR it's a sharpness filter.* I've been doing digital art since about 2015, and I like to make my own illustrations for my game projects when I can. A problem I've run into, however, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Is that once you finish an illustration, if you paint it at a high...
  8. TicklishWasabi

    Turn Condition not Working?

    After turning off a bunch of scripts I found it was the Yanfly Battle Core Engine that seems to be messing with it when I turn it off it works. Does anyone know why this is? I was looking through the scripts and can't figure it out. Thanks in advance.
  9. TicklishWasabi

    Yami Overlay Mapping Hides Events?

    I'm using Yami's Overlay mapping and I found that when I set events to below character, it puts it under the ground layer and hides the event. Is there a way to make it be below the player and above the ground? Does anyone else have this problem?
  10. TicklishWasabi

    Enemy Positioning in Troop Tab

    Is it possible to make it so I can move enemies below the bottom edge of the screen? -Thanks
  11. TicklishWasabi

    RMVXA The Millennium Warrior RPG Game Idea

    Here's my initial game idea, please let me know what you guys think! Main Character: A flamethrower wielding robot samurai who seeks to rid the world of killer mutant plants. Plot: A scientist is working on a way to increase the food production of plants, at first he succeeds but the plants...
  12. TicklishWasabi

    Event Move route not working properly

    So, I have these healing chambers all over the place, where if the player is directly below one, looking up, and clicks on it. The player will walk into it, the door will close, fade-out, heal, fade-in, door opens, then the player walks out. The problem is that because the player needs to click...
  13. TicklishWasabi

    Sprite shifted up a few pixels

    So, something I just realized is that the sprite is a few pixels higher than the tile he's resting on. This is a real headache for when I'm parallax mapping and trying to make it so certain parts cover a character. Because if I crop something on a 32 pixel multiple, then the top of the head...
  14. TicklishWasabi

    Victor's ATB Battle engine

    I'm using Victor's ATB Battle system, and I've encountered a problem, where in a battle I've evented someone to join mid-battle, say some dialogue, a conditional branch to detect whether or not an environment was changed, and a remove immortality state of the enemy. Now, I've tested it a few...
  15. TicklishWasabi

    How to apply a cloak skill

    I was wondering if there is a way to make a state that cloaks the user in flame or something so that when they're attacked by the enemy the enemy takes elemental damage. (fire in this example) Kind of like the counterattack skill but it would have different animation based on the element, and it...
  16. TicklishWasabi

    Jump Event Move Command

    I'm using a free jump ability, but I don't want the player to be able to jump up cliffs. So I created an event that prevents jumping up a cliff, without preventing them from jumping to that same cliff from another cliff on the same level. I did this with a combination of parallel process and...
  17. TicklishWasabi

    Visual Cues for Damage states?

    Is there a way to make it so an applied state that damages you outside of battle will give a visual cue to the player that they are taking damage, so for every instance their hp decreases, the screen will flash red or maybe a sound will play? -Thanks
  18. TicklishWasabi

    Loop a Picture

    Is there a way to make a picture move, (like the move picture command) but for every row of pixels that disappears off the screen, the same row reappears on the other side? I essentially want to create a looping overlay using a parallel process. -Thanks
  19. TicklishWasabi

    Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager HP Reduction problem

    I'm trying to create a skill that does damage to all enemies but kills the user. I was going to have these exploding enemies essentially. So I tried to use Yanfly's Skill Cost Manager, but it doesn't seem to do any damage to the user. I've tried the hp percentage at 100%, and it didn't work, so...
  20. TicklishWasabi

    Untargetable State Script Problem

    I'm using the Untargetable state script by Hime, and whenever I apply the state no matter which battler I assign it to, I can't target the rightmost enemy. Even if that enemy isn't the one with the state assigned to it, and then the enemy that does have the state assigned to it will be...

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