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    Do you have node js installed?

    Fairly simple question. I'm wondering if the average MV/MZ developer has node.js installed on their machine for whatever reason. Ideally i'm looking for replies from non programmers, because quite frankly, if you claim to be a programmer, and are using MV or MZ without node.js installed...
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    RMMZ Buzzy - The MZ Flappy Clone

    About Buzzy: In a world of chaos, mystery, and uncertainty, where gratuitous word limits are imposed on all, one heroic Bee, Buzzy, stands in the way of total disaster for all life. Using his mighty wings and pure determination, he fights not only against his own limits, but also against the...
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    A dirty way to split up the rmmz js files!!

    @nio kasgami recently asked if I had an easy way to split the default rm codebase into separate files for each class, so I wrote up a quick and dirty js file to do such a thing... I figured I would share it here in case anyone else has a use for it. It certainly makes browsing default classes...
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    Web Deployment: How do you protect your assets?

    As the title says, I'm wondering how you protect your game assets/files when you deploy your game to a web server? For example, perhaps you have some strange loading method that is able to hide variables from the global scope. A simple example of this might be hosting your game at...
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    Seeking Dragonbones Slime Variations!!

    Resource Type: Dragonbones Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV-style Description: I'm looking for a dragonbones battlers of any slime variations that match the battlers given in the Librarium Megapack. Reference Images: Additional: Ideally there would be king and queen slime variations...
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    MZ Plugin Engines - Whats yours called?

    Hey there, As there is a new maker on the horizon its only natural that the programmers of the community would be thinking on their own 'engine' (library/collection of plugins to compliment the default engine). My question to you is, what you gonna call it? Personally, I have been tossing...
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    RMMV Pokemon GO Style Game (early concept)

    Hey guys :* I was messing around a little last night, and I kind of ended up making what is basically the early stages of rpg maker mv meets pokemon go. Some people have called it 'MV Go!', I think 'RTP Go!' is also pretty fitting (care to voice your opinion in the poll above?) :p At this...
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    How To Build & Debug (on Android) in 1 minute!!

    Hey guys :* @Shaz recently suggested I make a tutorial for how to debug your mv games in realtime when they are running on android, so I decided to record a video on the subject.. This tutorial details how to create a new app using android studio, how to add any html project to the app (mv...
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    More assets like MV's 'SF_Actor' busts??

    Hi, As the title suggests I am looking for information on how to obtain/if there are any - assets similar to those given in the 'ExtraAssets/pictures/' folder. All of these pictures are bust type images for actors, but not all actors are included... I am hoping to find more assets in this...
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    Game Highscore Hosting

    Hey there <3 For those who don't know me, I am a fairly proficient programmer and have written many apps and plugins and such. Recently, I have been toying around with the idea of offering people hosting of highscore lists for their games. I have already written plugins, scripts and dll's in...
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    RMMV PiNG: MV Rewrite

    Synopsis PiNG is a re-imagination of the classic game 'pong', but with one major difference... It has a very well trained neural network artificial intelligence controlling the enemy! Defeating the game AI is no easy task, one which only the best players of the game are likely to accomplish. I...
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    RPG Mechanics in NON RPG Games?

    As the title suggests, I am interested in finding out what type of classic RPG mechanics you think would work well in other types of games? For example, I personally consider the 'health' mechanic to be RPG-y. But there are hundreds of game types where a health/similar attribute is present. I...
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    How to host your game online FOR FREE!!

    Hi there, Today I'm going to be showing you how you can get your rpg maker mv game hosted online without losing any of that hard earned gold! Before we start, there are some things you are going to need. Git. This is a tool we will use from the command line, to perform updates to the...
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    URGENT APPEAL: Coder with no art skills seeking artist with skills!!

    Hey there   I'm currently working on a very small game and I could really use some decent artwork for my scene background. What I need is fairly simple, it is - 'the wall of a classroom'.. Currently I have been using this: As you can see, my art skills have never been leveled up...
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    DMV Screenshot Downloader

    Screenshot Downloader By Dekita   Introduction: This plugin allows for players who are playing your game in a web browser to be able to instantly capture, download, and save screenshots. Please do note: This only works in web browsers. Screenshots: I would literally only...
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    DMV Zelda HUD

    Zelda HUD By Dekita Introduction: This plugin creates a simply health hud inspired by the well known Zelda RPG created by Nintendo. The hud concept is simple: You have a number of hearts displayed on screen that represent how much of your hp you have remaining...
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    How little of Mv can I use??

    So, to get right to it.. I am wondering how little of Mv I could use in my project, whilst still classing my project as 'Made with Mv'... I mean, lets say I create a completely unique code base from the ground up, and then include a few of the helper functions located within Mv, or I copy the...
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    Customizable Destination Sprite

    Destination Sprite By Dekita     Information: This system allows for MUCH more control over the 'destination sprite', you know, that thing that flashes at your destination when you click to move? Anyway, this plugin changes that from the default white square, to whatever image you want it to...
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    Human Instincts (stats)

    DMV Human Instincts (stat) By Dekita   Information: This system creates two new stats, survival instinct, and killer instinct. Naturally, these statistics are heavily based on the well known animalistic attributes of humans (and almost all other creatures...). Features: ☆ Survival Instinct...
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    Online Highscores

    DMV Online Highscores By Dekita Introduction: This system allows unlimited online highscore lists to be within your game. These lists can be ordered a number of ways. There isnt really much to say on what this does, cause I am fairly sure everyone knows what an online highscore list is...

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