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  1. Darkheretic

    Store disscount

    I'm putting a "lady's man" merchant in the game that follows the party everywhere they go. I want him to give a discount bassed on how many girls are in your party, 5% each girl for a max of 15%. How would i do this?
  2. Darkheretic

    To those reading this title...

    Hi! Not much of a social butterfly but I'm buckeling down and focusing as hard as my nogin will let me on completeing my project so I figured I'd say hello now because once i get started you're likely to see me here asking dumb questions. I love to write and want to share my ideas with those...
  3. Darkheretic

    Head ache

    I'be read other posts about this but I'm not understanding at all, please explain step by step how to do this, My character is running forward Here down I need help with He trips then gets dragged several spaces back. I've done the actor image change to damaged character but nothing changes...

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