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  1. Lord Valdyr

    Publishing to Web Browser

    Can anyone give me a proper rundown on how this works? I assumed by clicking the index.html in the project folder it would play my game in a browser. It appears to attempt to do so but I always get "Error Failed to load: data/Actors.json". Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Lord Valdyr

    Combat difficulty. What do you like?

    Anyone here played breath of death vii or cthulhu saves the world? How well do you feel these games do their combat
  3. Lord Valdyr

    exporting more than 1 resource

    I've noticed that when you attempt to export multiple resources ace just crashes. This happen to anyone else?
  4. Lord Valdyr


    Some of you may know me from the other forums but I have never been much of a chatter more of a lurker. I will help just about anyone in any way I can so please feel free to befriend me, I hope to be more helpful to the community as I have grown more knowledgeable over the years. :)

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