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    Credit goes to for this title.   Sellsword is a semi-traditional, comedic RPG entry originally created for the Golden Week of RPG Maker 2003 event at RPG The goal was to make a game using strictly Rm2k RTP assets.  Join three inept mercenaries: Riley the...
  2. Ratty524

    Densetsu no Kusoge

      Densetsu no Kusoge   GENRE: RPG   PLATFORM: RPG MAKER VX ACE (What else?) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Inspired by the Famicom masterpiece Hoshi wo Miru Hito, Densetsu no Kusoge is the RPG that every gaming...
  3. Ratty524

    Tina of the Stars (Complete Version)

    Abstract: Take the role of the cute fairy Tina as she treks across three dangerous worlds to save her fellow fairies! Inspired by the game "Pacman" Genre: Action/Puzzle Engine: RPG Maker XP Download Tina of the Stars Final release v1 Tina of the Stars is an action game with a focus on...

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Is there anyone who would like to resize some of sprites I've got and put them into MV sheet? I'm bad at that kind of things. I want to make a game, but I lack in resources and I'm bad at recolouring them, so my only option was to use a sprite maker from one game (Ive got permission to use it) but these are sprites from VX Ace and I only have MV. So, is there anyone interested in helping me?
Wow! This game looks great! Streaming now :D
Working on a system that allows you to define events in an easy to use text file format!!! Would you use such a thing? 0o
Have my fingers crossed, waiting for a discount sale on MZ on Steam.. Its normally around the corner during Halloween or x-mas season on Steam, if i remember right..

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