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  1. seita

    Making Your Project Feel Alive

    Making Your Project Feel Alive Many projects built with the RM line of engines often feel and play very similarly to one another. Nevermind that they may be using the same tilesets or spritesheets, or if they're using the same CBS and CMS with a few tweaks here and there. I'm talking about the...
  2. seita

    un-archive tutorial thread for update/fix

    Hey guys, Can you please un-archive the following tutorial I've made: The images work at the moment only because I paid $2 to get my imageshack account restored. I'll be stopping the monthly recurring payment so I need...
  3. seita

    Make a Map for YANTH Event [Vote For Your Favorite!]

    Quick Note: This topic has been pre-approved by the fuzzy toucher Touchfuzzy.   Current Phase: Round 1 Complete!   Congratulations to monkeyintartan for winning the community vote! Congratulations to slimmeiske for being my personal choice!         Slimmeiske wins my personal pick because off...
  4. seita

    Persistant Event Graphic through multiple pages

    Hey guys, looking to see if this is possible. I'm wondering if there is a way to change an events graphic and keep it consistent regardless of which page it changes to. Here's what I'm looking for: Map loads. There are multiple NPC Events with a standard graphic, each one with multiple pages...
  5. seita

    Hit Detection Pseudocode Optimization

    Hey there fellow scripters that know a f*ckton more than i do about programming. I'm looking for some help optimizing some code in my current project regarding hit detection. I don't need exact codes at the moment so theoretical pseudocode is all I need. So first off, things you need to know...
  6. seita

    Intermediate/Advanced Game Variables

    Intermediate/Advanced Game Variables   Variables are useful in the creation of complex eventing systems that add functionality to any RPG Maker game. Once you get the hang of using them, they become an integral part of the game development process. However, once you start digging deeper into the...
  7. seita

    Galv's Move Route Extras in normal Script Call - SOLVED (=_=)

    Hi guys. I need some help with using Galv's Move Route Extras script. I need the syntax to use the script calls in a normal script call command, outside of the set move route. I was looking for the jump_forward(#) script call and tried this out...
  8. seita

    Z-Level Tile Terrain Tag

    Z-Level Tile Terrain Tag Hey guys! I'm trying to find or request a script that brings back a functionality in RPG Maker XP. Before, there was an option to change the Z-Level of tiles that were to show above a character. This was important for the large sprites, though it isn't as important with...
  9. seita

    Jump Collision Check / Drop

    Jump Collision Check / Drop   Hey guys! I would like to request a script wherein an event will not jump through an impassable tile via a Move Route Jump. There are two possibilities for this script, both of which I will be fine with either or, but one I will prefer over the other.   1. I will...
  10. seita

    Floating Variables over Event and Actor

    Floating Variables over Event and Actor   Hi guys! I'm looking for someone to make a map utility script. This script will script call or comment call a variable to show a floating variable above an event or actors head, such as a variable number to show damage.  If it happens before the last...
  11. seita

    Shift+Click Mapping

    Shift+Click Mapping   There's a lot of game designers out there that don't know how to use many of the built in tools of RPG Maker. The visuals of a game is arguably the gateway to the players free time. Screenshots often dictate whether a game will be played or glanced over. Often times I see...
  12. seita

    YANTH [Recruitment] - Sprite Animator & Tileset/Pixel Artists Needed

    Hi guys, if you've been around for a while hopefully you've heard of, seen or played my project You Are Not The Hero! First off here are some necessary introductions to my project if you aren't familiar with it. You can learn more about it here: You Are Not The Hero Forum Thread You Are Not The...
  13. seita

    You Are Not The Hero [now on Early Access]

    We're now on Steam Early Access (Illustration by Hirei) You Are Not The Hero is a new action platform RPG for the PC, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes... We ditch the battle system to focus on richer RPG gameplay elements. Instead of playing...
  14. seita

    Glowing sprites

    Hi guys. I remember previous versions of rpg maker (or console versions? I forget.) letting you make a character/event glow, or change tints etc within the engine. Was this taken out for VXA? I'm trying to make an event glow (to white), is it possible through eventing? I don't see anything...

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