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  1. More than 999 events?

    I have a problem with a gameplay on my map. On this map, when the player walks a step, there is an event with a variable +1. When the variable is +13 (common event) : you die. There are some places that allow you to rest in order to reset your energy (variable =0) and continue the progression...
  2. Someone could explain me "R tile"?

    Hello, sorry if my question is a bit silly, but I don't know what is the R tileset. Can anyone explain, or redirect me to a video that explains what it is? I found anything. Thank you.
  3. How to correctly resize a VX tileset with Gimp?

    Hello! Can someone make me a screenshot with the options to apply when resizing? This in order to have the best possible rendering. Thank you.
  4. How to find a tileset ?

    My question is kind of silly. But when I want to find a specific tileset, impossible for me to find! I would like cliff tilesets, to make a mountain for MV. But impossible to find. I don't understand the search on this forum. Someone can help me? :(
  5. Make a beach map

    Hello! I am realize a big project on RPG Maker, and I was looking for someone to create a map (without events) to help me. This will help me to advance my project more effectively. About the map, I would like a beach map like this. For the size, it's a big map, but you're free for dimensions...
  6. [Donation] Make a map

    Hello, Hello I am realize a big project on RPG Maker, and I was looking for someone to create a map (without events) to help me. Of course, I'll give you a donation. This will help me to advance my project more effectively. About the map, I would like a beach map like this, with some...
  7. Movies section bugged

    Hello. I have a big problem with videos in my game: when I put a video (around 1:30): 1. characters can move during video 2. if there is some event after (for exemple, a text), it will be happen during the video play, and not after. For the first point, I put some events to prevent the...
  8. MV : export, bug music with PC

    Hello, I have a problem with game export. With a team, we created a game, and when I play on the game with my Mac, no problems. But some of my friends get some trubles with PC: music delay, it's a disaster! I put a plugin to preload musics, but if I put this plugin, they can't play to the...
  9. MV Bugs with videos player !

    Hello. There is a big problem with MV when you have to play a video (around 1 minute, for exemple). The character can move during play of the video if the player use the keyboard while video is playing. There is a solution for this? Like an option "waiting until the end of video". It's kinda...
  10. [Donation] Fix/create a FPLE plugin

    Hello, I would like to find some help to fix this plugin. Indeed, it's impossible to activate / deactivate this plugin inside your game. There is no command module. If someone can solve this problem, I can give a donation for that. Thank you.
  11. MV / Music delay bug

    Hello. Why there is delay (2-3 seconds) with BGM music ? It's a disaster !! Of my computer (Mac) everything goes well, but if I try to test my project with Windows seven, there is this delay ! I did many reasearch for that, it seems it's a common problem.  I tried a plugin to predownload the...
  12. Plane character

    Hello everyone Someone has a character with a big plane please ? :)
  13. Animated Wind Turbine

    Hello. Someone can help me and create an animated wind turbine with the wind turbine model in this map? It will be nice, thanks guys.
  14. How to Pause the game with Enter key?

    Hello. I would like to pause the game wither Enter key by freezing the game, music, animation, etc. Even for autorun events. How can I do? Thanks guys!
  15. Small problem with a credits plugin (Yanfly)

    Hello ! Hello, I deleted "options" in menu. And with the plugin, the "credits" are placed just between "new game" and "continue", and not after "continue" like the video. Do you have a solution for this little problems please ? (charger = continue). Thank you.
  16. Request to save the name of maps for saving

    Hello :) I would like to know if a plugin exists to save the name of the map in your saves location. When you save your game, only the duration is mentioned but not the name of the map in which you are. There is a solution? Thank you !

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