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  1. Aesica

    How to properly apply arrows to a window?

    So I've been making a thing that moves Guard (and any other commands I want) to either a right or left sub-page of the actor command window, kind of like how many of the mid-generation final fantasy games did it. Example: However, as you can see, the arrows suck even though everything else...
  2. Aesica

    How do you handle encounters?

    So in my game, I've decided that visible enemies are the way to go for dungeons: Stationary enemies that block paths are once-offs, while wandering enemies will refresh in between area transitions. That works fine and all...for dungeons, but I'm still at a loss for what to do with overworld...
  3. Aesica

    Do enemy battler sprites for Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius exist?

    Resource Type: Enemy battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV enemy battler style Description: Now I'm sure this has been asked a crapton of times already, but like the subject says: Are there any default-MV-asset-style enemy battler sprites for Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius? When...
  4. Aesica

    The AES_* Collection - Newest: AES_MessageExt (eval and some other niche things in dialog)

    So for awhile, I wasn't sure if I was going to "officially" release these, although they've been on my github (signature link) for awhile now. What are they? Well, they're...kind of a collection of several small, but (IMO) useful QoL and minor but impactful feature improvements for the core...
  5. Aesica

    Vehicle Woes

    Okay so here's the deal, I'm trying to create a thing similar to Dragon Quest 3-4's Return spell/Wyvern Wing, and so far it works great...except when the player is in a vehicle. Specifically, the vehicle teleports with the player, which is expected. However, the problem arises when I try to...
  6. Aesica

    Race Core - Simple, but effective racial battle modifiers

    Intro So in my current project, I wanted to make certain abilities, weapons, armor, etc react differently with different enemy race types. At first, I figured I'd just fake it and use elements, but I quickly began to realize that wasn't going to be good enough. So I spent a few hours making...
  7. Aesica

    Finding an ideal target screen resolution

    So, while testing out the latest cutscene/event sequence in my game, it dawned on me as I pressed F4 and stared into the middle-of-screen box that presented me with the usual New Game, Continue, etc option list: At some point, I need to think about what screen resolution I want this thing to...
  8. Aesica

    Multiple projects at the same time?

    So yeah, I've been plugging away on my current project, but the game I intend to make next keeps intruding in my thoughts to the point I'd much rather be working on it than my current project. So while I'm pretty sure that attempting 2 projects at once is a horrible bad idea, I hate to waste...
  9. Aesica

    Saving your game: What's your approach?

    For the most part, I'm pretty clear regarding how I want the various things in my game to function. The exception to this is how saving the game should work. Specifically, I can't decide between these two things: 1. Save anywhere. Sure, this is the most convenient option for players, but it...
  10. Aesica

    Custom code in multi-target skills

    So I'm the process of making the various spells and skills I want, and I intend for many of them to have apply a set of effects to the enemies and a different set of effects to allies. For example, one skill damages an enemy and heals the most injured ally. Works like a charm. However...
  11. Aesica

    A few questions about resources, critiques, etc

    So, to give myself a break from looking at code and other things, I thought I'd have a little fun making some resources which might be good enough to qualify as shareable. Still, I have a few questions first: 1) Is this the right section to ask for resource critiques? I'm really not much of...
  12. Aesica

    Status Windows: Bars and bars and bars and bars...

    So I haven't really bothered attempting to reskin any of my windows yet other than trying out a reeeaaaaally old window skin from a flash game I made back in 2013. As I attempt to figure out where I want to go with the UI look from here, I find myself wondering about all the bars--HP bars, MP...
  13. Aesica

    I suppose I should say hi~

    So yeah, hi! I'm a (rather lazy) hobbyist game developer, primarily with a background in Flash, who has been slowly migrating over to JavaScript due to Flash's slow spiral into Adobe's toilet of neglect. Since Actionscript 3 (Flash) is so similar to JavaScript and since JS is extremely...
  14. Aesica

    Scripting battles: How to manipulate targeting and apply conditional states?

    Hi, first post. :D So what I'm trying to do here is two different things, but both seem to be roughly along the same lines so they're both being asked in this thread--both are related to manipulating skill effects via script to accomplish things that don't seem to be possible otherwise: 1) The...

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