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  1. afternoon700

    Hello, is this the right place to upload a question? If not, I'm terribly sorry. Moving onto my...

    Hello, is this the right place to upload a question? If not, I'm terribly sorry. Moving onto my real question, what are "watched" posts in this forum?
  2. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    Okay, I finally did it with the help of UnPropro's Conditional Branch Assistant. Just do this instead of using Yanfly's Region Trigger or Region Events. It works like a charm.
  3. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    Could anyone help me achieve 2-2?
  4. afternoon700

    How do I make comments as conditions?

    I'm currently using Yanfly's Region Trigger plugin. What I tried to do was If Comment <Region Trigger: 1>, then Switch On. However, RMMV did not allow me to do so. Is there a way to modify the javascript file or add a plugin(I searched for the latter but I could not find one)? Thank you for your...
  5. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    Huge thanks! You're a lifesaver!!
  6. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    I just realized that the "door" example that I mentioned was totally inappropriate for my case. I am terribly sorry... The case is, I do not want the player to know that an event is a "door" of some sort. This is what I want to achieve: 1. On standing on the red star, a message appears: "Looks...
  7. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    Thank you, I will definitely try that out!
  8. afternoon700

    Need help with an item-using event

    I'm currently making a puzzle game for a school project. I got stuck in this "use-specific-item-to-proceed" process... For example, let's say that the player has to use a key in front of a door. My objectives are 1) assigning the right key to the door, 2) and showing a message if the player did...
  9. afternoon700

    How can I make enemies deal at least 1 damage?

    At some point enemies/actors deal zero damage sometimes, and it's getting on my last nerves;( I tried to change the formula by adding parenthesis, used plugins, but still doesn't work. Is it a limitation of the tool? Or has anyone of you solved this problem? Looking forward to your feedback...
  10. afternoon700

    RMMV Ventulus

    Ventulus - Join in the fluffy adventure! Twitter: @tater_games Ventulus is a turn-based, classic style JRPG. Explore Ventulus, a planet where no humans live-as fluffy furballs! (well, we do have a featherball though.) Synopsis Characters Features Screenshots Progress will be updated...
  11. afternoon700

    [1.5.1+] Exporting to Android using Cordova

    I have the same problem, and I have no idea how to fix it. Help please? +) I solved the problem by signing it, but another error occurred : when played on the device it says 'Loading Error Failed to load (directory)/(whatever file).(whatever format).
  12. afternoon700

    I can't encrypt my files.

    +) Found it on Youtube. I almost killed my project but at last saved it. Thank you. I would've never solved the problem without your help. :)
  13. afternoon700

    I can't encrypt my files.

    I used option 'Exclude unused files' encrypting both image and audio files. I left the encryption key blank(b/c I didn't know what to put in there), and when I deploy and try to play the game, the game won't work and pops up messages such as 'cannot find file(image, music, etc). Platform is...
  14. afternoon700

    Who made this awesome faceset?

    Read this was from DSea, but can't find xyr footage since 2010. How can I find xyr email or sth and contact xir? I really need to contact xir cause I suck at drawing and I need animal sprites for a commercial project ;(
  15. afternoon700


    How can I contact Dsea? I really need the cat sprite for my commercial project D;

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