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  1. onipunk

    Yanfly Class Change - Learning Previous Skills

    I'm using the Yanfly Class Change plugin for VX Ace and nearly everything is perfect, however I would like for actors to automatically learn all the skills they would have learned up until that level if they change class. I'm not using independent job levels as I want the player to be able to...
  2. onipunk

    RMMV Eat the King! - An Undead Strategy RPG

    Well, I never thought the first game I'd release would be a jam game, but here we are! Eat the King is a lighthearted, bitesized turn-based tactical RPG that dares to ask the question "What if Fire Emblem, but zombies?" Control the recently-risen Steve as he seeks to consume the brains of the...
  3. onipunk

    Help Needed - Skills Tied to Items Using Yanfly

    So in the game I'm working on, I want my characters to have equippable accessories that grant access to new skills in battle, but only for as long as the item is equipped. So, if you were to remove the accessory, the actor wouldn't have access to the skill any more (similar to Golden Sun, if...
  4. onipunk

    Thematic Substitute for the Earth Element?

    Golden Sun is one of my favourite games and I'm currently working on a game that has a similar elemental split to it. Each of the four characters is attuned to one of the classical elements, and for three of these that's not a problem. But when it comes to creating animations for the Earth...
  5. onipunk

    Valkyrie/Armour Character Needed - References Included

    First off, hello and thanks for looking at this topic! See the details below for what I need. Resource Type: Character - Map only, although downed sprites would be highly appreciated Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I need a valkyrie-styled armour set for my tactics game in...
  6. onipunk

    RMMV Grand Knights Archive - Strategy RPG [Alpha Demo Available]

    Synopsis The Fifth Battalion of the Royal Army of Askr, colloquially known as the Lost Souls, is comprised of orphans, raised to be soldiers from a very young age. They are typically looked down upon by the rest of their compatriots, especially the noble-born Grand Knights of the First...
  7. onipunk

    Troop placement - Can't place below a certain point?

    So, I'm testing out what I want to be the final boss in my game, using a large sprite (bigger than the game window) as I want it to completely encompass the battlefield. When I set up the enemy, the preview window is pretty much how I want the final product to look: But when I place the...
  8. onipunk

    RMMV In Scarlet Clad [Early Development]

    The annals of the Divinity Church tell of a tragedy that befell the island nation of Levant long in its past. Wreathed in furious red, the Sanguine Moon dominated the sky, and its onset brought about a plague none could explain. The land itself began to wither, and its inhabitants were...

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