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  1. Lars Ulrika

    Lars Ulrika's music freebies!

    I'm getting back into doing soundtracks and I figured I could post some free music you can use in your non-commercial games here. I'm not sure about the rythm of publishing tracks but I'll do my best to release some new tune regularly! Here they are :
  2. Lars Ulrika

    Instakill enemies in playtesting?

    Is there any chance to get back that awesome VX Ace feature allowing us to instantly win a battle with F8 for playtest? Or did I miss something? I tried all the function touches and checked the help section, nothing doing.
  3. Lars Ulrika

    How can you assess if your project is commercially viable beforehand??

    Hello there :). So here it is. I posted a thread on my main project in 2013. Reviews were first not that good. After second demo they all got positive. The problem is , only 3 or 4 people bothered to post feedback after that first demo. 4 people in 3 years.... Is it safe to assume this game...
  4. Lars Ulrika

    DS+ character generator doesn't work with windows 10

    EDIT : Found out there was an faq topic to ask that kind of question, my apologies.
  5. Lars Ulrika

    Lars Ulrika's edits on the spot.

    Hi everybody! While working on my Birthday Bash project I did some edits that I thought I could share here. It's simple Rtp edits so use them wherever you want, just please don't forget to credit me :). So I did some edits for a weird forest these are simple recolors which should match-up...
  6. Lars Ulrika

    FINISHED! Hikaru the Doom Melody.

    Download link : I'm very happy to introduce you at last some finished work of mine! Discover : HIKARU THE DOOM MELODY     Story The story takes place in the world of my main game, Galiyuka. The 4th...
  7. Lars Ulrika

    Game hosting websites licenses.

    So, I posted that before as a status and figured I'd better post it there so we can discuss this thoroughly and everyone can benefit from it. So I fell on this on a game hosting website I won't name : ""By displaying, publishing or otherwise posting any User Content on or through the Site, you...
  8. Lars Ulrika

    RGSS3 not working anymore on windows 10

    Hello. I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday, everything was working more or less fine (Rgss3 was crashing quite often when quitting test run) and now I can't even open it, it stops working as soon as I launch a test play. Also, if I go full screen with the option "launch in full screen" the...
  9. Lars Ulrika

    About rpg maker and windows 10

    Hello. I was thinking about Windows 10's multiplatform feature and wondered : would it mean that games compatible with Windows 10 (so basically games done with any official maker I assume) will also be compatible on W10 phones and Xbox?
  10. Lars Ulrika

    Sudden crash while just walking.

    Hello. I'm getting this error message on a map while just walking. There is no event on this tile whatseover or anything special which puzzles me quite a lot, any clue?  
  11. Lars Ulrika

    Special behaviour of the enemy when taking a specific element damage

    Hi! I guess there must be a way to make the enemies behave differently when getting damage from a specific element through a formula? How would this work? I don't speak about elemental resistance / reflect etc but a damage that would be used as a trigger to start a new AI pattern for the enemy...
  12. Lars Ulrika

    About optional dungeons.

    So, here it is, the game I'm making features two optional dungeons in every major city you're visiting. You won't be able to do both in a single playthrough. But I'm just wondering what is the most satisfying for the player : finding that some are too tough for them at the actual level they're...
  13. Lars Ulrika

    Help to get back my game's datas

    So here is my problem : My hard drive definetely died and I can't get back my datas. I have a kinda recent version of my game on mediafire but the problem is it is encrypted so I would like to know if there is a way for me to decrypt it and get back all my datas it would save me months of work...
  14. Lars Ulrika

    Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occured. Failed to create bitmap strikes back

    Hi.  I've compressed my project encrypted and I had reports it crashes right after the intro with this error message. I tested my file in the maker , works like a charm but when I used the compressed file , it indeed displayed this error message.  Problem is the following : the place it...
  15. Lars Ulrika

    Memorize equipment for an abduction scene?

    Hi, I would like to know if you can memorize player's actual equipment without having to make one variable for one and every weapon, armour and item you might get so far in the game which would be really a hassle to do? 
  16. Lars Ulrika

    Random npcs

    Hello! Well , here it is, I always tended to find utterly preposterous to have always the same guy hanging out in the same street telling you the same thing. So I thought about making a random event in some places that would change some npcs in some places sometimes giving some other info on...
  17. Lars Ulrika

    Non-Commercial tracks for free!

    Hello I decided to give away some of my soundtracks , including some which will be used for my commercial project.  Terms of use : Credit is mandatory. For non-commercial use only (11/08/2014). If you wish to use them for commercial project, contact me. I might , or might not, agree to let you...
  18. Lars Ulrika

    Character levelling and commercial project

    Hi! So here I would like some feedback.  Actually I read here that one of the criterias for a commercial game would be to have customisable characters. I actually am going a halfway road on this matter : characters each have a specific choice between some classes exclusively available to them...
  19. Lars Ulrika

    @xxKilimxx. My answer to the "just earn it" logic / is Kickstarter relevant or not?

    This topic is opened to stop making the kickstarter comparison derail.      What doesn't make sense is that you don't get the point of what I'm telling you. Let me clarify : My situation is such that I can barely afford some graphics ok? If I put more than maybe 200$ budget in this in a...
  20. Lars Ulrika

    About tutorials, what to do and what not to do?

    I would like to know how you handle this tutorial part in your games. I'm trying to make it smoothly in game while going through the introductory "dungeon" introducing some concepts one by one , first what to check and what not to check, then basic battle, then some special accessory and how to...

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