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  1. Meike

    RMMV [RSE] Waffle Cone

    Waffle Cone VN SECTION A: SYNOPSIS When someone finally remembers what Marissa likes while on a date, she thinks she has found the right guy. However, things don't go as planned. Marissa has been in the city for three years and hasn’t found a single guy who will listen to her. Most guys seem...
  2. Meike

    RMMV Well, Yu Will Be A Prince

    Well, Yu Will Be A Prince SECTION A: SYNOPSIS Yu will be getting married to Princess Hime, but Yu will need to get some things done before he reaches the castle. Battling his way through the kingdom, Yu will gather everything needed for the wedding and perhaps listen to some superstitious...
  3. Meike

    How to know Class of selected Actor before opening Status Scene?

    I've been playing with rpg_scene.js, rpg_windows.js and I have YEP_MainMenuManager.js and YEP_StatusMenuCore.js installed that I suspect may be affecting what I want to do. I want to be able to know the class of the actor the player selects before opening the Status Menu (I have a class that...
  4. Meike

    help w/YEP Row Formation-find alive members in row, send 1 to new row

    I've been mucking with this too long and my Javascript, which wasn't that strong a skill before, is now too rusty for me to figure out what to do. I want to check which members are alive in a row, and then send one member from that row to another row. My guess is I need to use...

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