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  1. DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core

    I could not understand this plugin at all. It's a great plug-in, but it's very difficult. Delay Action can be realized. Thank you, DoubleX!
  2. DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Order

    Probably I understood what you mean. As you say, unless it is displayed effectively, it has no meaning. I want to make a game thinking strategy using time. So you do not choose non full wait. Thanks for the reply, DoubleX!
  3. DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core

    Can I reduce the target ATB gauge when hitting a skill? (Delay action) I will use the following plugins in combination. ATB Bar ATB CTB ATB Order It is preferable to be able to set with skill note tag. (Example: <delay: success rate (%), delay rate (%)>, <delay: 50, 20>) Sorry, I'm using a...
  4. DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Order

    Is it possible to display the prediction on the bar while the actor is selecting a command? (It corresponds to speed Number.) Sorry, I'm using a translator.
  5. OcRam - Passages plugin [v4.04 updated 2019/11/28]

    I was late for noticing. You responded quickly and perfectly. OcRam, thank you very much!
  6. OcRam - Passages plugin [v4.04 updated 2019/11/28]

    Is there a way to solve this problem?
  7. 私は英語を話すことができません。翻訳機を使用しています。 I can not speak English.I am using a translation machine.

    私は英語を話すことができません。翻訳機を使用しています。 I can not speak English.I am using a translation machine.
  8. Battle Log Customize

    This plugin simplifies the battle log and displays icons. However, the log disappears at the moment when the whole attack skill hits the first actor. How can I display the skill log until I hit the fourth actor? Window_BattleLog.prototype.addText = function(text) { this.refresh()...
  9. VE - Conditional Turn Battle

    Hello. Machine translation of Japanese. I have understood a little about this plugin. But I found two bugs. · It is commented on the plugin page of Victor's site. "Cast Cancel" and "ctb Delay", activation rate and resistance are not working. → The correct formula. · If you attack a...
  10. Bobstah's Battle Commands Customization v2.2.1 - Updated 05/17/2017

    Hello. I translate Japanese into English by Google translation. This plugin can be done very well. However, I hope to improve some functions. I uploaded a video. 1. When I change LineHeight, Icon position is not displayed correctly. Also, only the default Command icon (in this case, GUARD) is...

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