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  1. Kauzz

    Kauzz Tilesets - Free to use

    Click here to access my site Changelog: - 01/29: Removed Spacepack - Editions on topic - 02/02: Removed all tiles of my blog (kauzzresources) Introduction: Hello! So, i'm Kauzz, i'm Brazilian and i make tilesets since 2015. I'm learning everyday how to upgrade my skills with new...
  2. Kauzz

    Kauzz Art Gallery (Music/Graphics)

    Hello. Some of my works: Tilesets (and the dog Hah) Musics: (EDM / Eletronic or House) [some musics are free to download] Scripts (Art & Script): (Sorry, its in portuguese) Thats all. Some tips? (My tumblr:
  3. Kauzz

    Bío - Lux Aeterna - OpenWorld Horror Game

              Bío -  Lux Aeterna Violence, sex, drugs.   Team Brainstorm Team components: Elisa Monteiro | Matheus Lima | Davi Felipe | Gabriel de Aguiar Gender: Terror / Survival Rating: +18 Facebook Page:   Awards: 1st place - Better/best project (May &...
  4. Kauzz

    Modern Age - Modern Tiles

    2018 update: OH GOD, THIS IS F* OLD. Take a look on my new collection. :) Well, hello! I'm Brazilian, and i have made some tiles. (Srsly?) (...and, my english it's not good. :c) It my...

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