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  1. Tehprince

    [RMXP] cockroach's Skill Tree script changes all blank backgrounds into the title screen image

    For some reason, whenever the skill tree scene is called, any and all blank backgrounds in the game are suddenly replaced with whatever image is set to be the title screen image, and I'm not entirely sure why. When I say the backgrounds are, "replaced" it's actually more like the title screen...
  2. Tehprince

    Why is RNG so despised?

    Because in Shin Megami Tensei games, the percentage chance of an instant death spell is 30% for level 1 and 60% for level 2. Get ambushed, enemy multi-targets instant death, party gets wiped, game over. Also missing is especially bad in SMT because you lose your party's turn.
  3. Tehprince

    Adding spaces to the script editor

    Ah, thanks. Does it even tell you how to do that in the help files?
  4. Tehprince

    Adding spaces to the script editor

    When I've looked at demos, usually script demos, there seems to be more space in the script editor there than I have normally. By space, I mean the individual classes like Game_Battler, Scene_Item and the like. In demos, they've been able to add more classes to the editor and I would like to...
  5. Tehprince

    Requesting a little feature for Vlue randomization script

    You define the names in the same place as you normally would. Make affixes 1-20 names you want for poor rarity, 21-40 for uncommon, 41-259 for rare, substituting the numbers for whatever you want. The names will all be in the same pool, but we're just sectioning parts of it off to make the names...
  6. Tehprince

    Requesting a little feature for Vlue randomization script

    The numbers for the rarity affixes don't actually matter, you can make them whatever you want based on how many names you actually have. It's just preventing affixes you don't want from showing up, but you need to make sure POOL_RARITY is set to true, because that's what begins the loop. As said...
  7. Tehprince

    Requesting a little feature for Vlue randomization script

    For that, I think it would only take a few small changes in this area here. It's here that the affix for the new item is determined, however you'd need a way to distinguish the rarity affixes from the actual effects. If an arbitrary number was set, (1 for common, 2 for uncommon, 3 for rare)...
  8. Tehprince

    Requesting a little feature for Vlue randomization script

    I'm a bit confused. If you change the names of the initial affixes, set their rarities, and whether they are prefixes or suffixes. Depending on how many prefixes/suffixes you plan to add plus the rarities you give them, if you have POOL_RARITY set to true, the chance that a player would receive...
  9. Tehprince

    Requesting a little feature for Vlue randomization script

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you trying to limit particular equipment to specific affixes, so that you can use them to create a randomized "name"? I presume that you would do that by leaving the equipment name blank and leaving the naming to the specific pool of affixes. The best way I can...
  10. Tehprince

    [XP] DVV's limit break script, removing limit bars from the battle screen.

    After re-reading through the intro to the config section, I realized I'm an idiot and it does actually say that the Paradog system uses those values as well as the RTAB system. In any case, this did solve the problem, and thank you for the help.
  11. Tehprince

    [XP] DVV's limit break script, removing limit bars from the battle screen. I'm using this script in my project to make limit break skills (It's in the title). In the configuration section of the script, there is a place to input coordinates that would normally determine where the limit break bar was drawn. For some reason it...
  12. Tehprince

    [XP] Changing the Reflected Skill Animation With Blizz Full Reflection

    The mirror animation you're talking about is the one displayed over the character when a spell is reflected, but that isn't what I want to change. Using the example from your demo, say Aluxes has the reflect status and he has the earth spell cast on him. The mirror animation plays over his...
  13. Tehprince

    [XP] Dual Techs

    I'm trying to create a basic script that would create combination skills. (Actor 1 and Actor 2 both use up their turns and some MP for a special attack) Just from looking through some of the scripts in my library, I think that I would need to modify the Game_Actor class, with some form of...
  14. Tehprince

    [RMXP] How to check which troop is being battled

    This tutorial is in MV, but it should still help. If you want the skill to be based on the specific enemy that the skill targets, this thread provides a basic script to do so.
  15. Tehprince

    [XP] Changing the Reflected Skill Animation With Blizz Full Reflection

    Now that I think of it, this should probably have been posted in script requests. Yes, the script works fine, but that's not the point. Example: Enemy casts fire spell on actor 1. The reflect animation plays, and then the skill that was reflected (in this case a fire spell) hits the enemy...
  16. Tehprince

    [XP] Changing the Reflected Skill Animation With Blizz Full Reflection

    I'm using Blizzard's full reflection script as a basic counter-attack script because I can't find any other script that can counter skills. Since the skill that would create the reflect status is meant to be a generic physical counterattack, I want to at least change the animation of the...
  17. Tehprince

    [XP] Removing limit bar graphic in equip screen.

    I'm using DVV's Limit Break script, and wish to remove the limit bar from the equip menu specifically. I have it positioned well on the base and status menu screens, but as far as I can tell, since it uses the Window_Base class, I can't change one screen specifically. As it is currently, in the...
  18. Tehprince

    [VX Ace][SOLVED] Game stuck in loop when state change happens while custom Jump attack is being used

    Ok, I successfully re-produced the crash by killing an enemy while Eric was in the air, causing an enemy state change. I don't have access to the VXA rtp script library, so I can't be certain, but I think it may have something to do with the def update_effect if @effect_duration > 0...
  19. Tehprince

    DAN's XP Stuffs

    I'm still here... :ahappy: Oh, and that stairway is really cool.

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