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  1. Possible to equip a weapon based on a state?

    @Aesica Thanks! I might give it a try, though an idea was growing on me for being able to sell these items for a little extra Gold if needed by the player. Thanks once more!
  2. Possible to equip a weapon based on a state?

    Before I begin, yes. I know this is the wrong thread to post in. Problem is that I can't quite find a "help me, I'm trying to do really complex stuff and need complex help" thread. Please move it where it should go so that I know where to go next time. Thank you! Anyway, I'm trying to do some...
  3. How can I make a "custom spell" system?

    Thank you for the interesting idea! I'm only trying to make this a future feature down the road, as this is a game that may need to be updated overtime. I'll have plenty of time to test it and think it over in the future as well. Once again, thank you!
  4. How can I make a "custom spell" system?

    Thank you, friend
  5. How can I make a "custom spell" system?

    I want the player to be able to make their own spells once they reach a certain Magic Level (Fire Magic Lvl, Water Magic Lvl, etc). Similar to Oblivion. Would this be possible? I know it might require a plugin, I'm sure. Any ideas? Thank you!
  6. RMMZ Alpha ABS (MV + MZ)

    @Pheonix KageDesu K thanks!
  7. RMMZ Alpha ABS (MV + MZ)

    @Pheonix KageDesu Thank you! If I may request something for future builds? If the visual equipment could be visible on non-abs maps as well? Because as of now, if the map doesn't have the, "<ABS>" notetag, it won't show the equipment. It personally kills the mood for me when it goes from a...
  8. hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    @hiddenone Probably get this a bunch, but may I request (at some point, whenever you desire. I ain't forcing anyone to do anything) the RTP Dragon Battler? That's one that I have been eager to see here for awhile. Thanks! Hope everyone's staying safe during this time, as well!
  9. RMMZ Alpha ABS (MV + MZ)

    This occurs every time I get in range of an enemy. This happens whenever I add my skills into my class These are screenshots of the skills. Any help would be appreciated. I disabled every plugin that I figured would be clashing with the plugin, and I watched the tutorials a few times.
  10. Summon Event On-Map

    I don't know if it's been requested before, but I would like a plugin similar to Yanfly's "Event Spawner" plugin. However, Yanfly's plugin doesn't allow the event to be spawned right in front of the actor, which is what I desire at this time. I'm using QABS and I need a summoning feature, but it...
  11. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Does anybody know how to make an enemy with the notetag <team:1> fight anything with the notetag <team:2> without said enemy's event requiring to be hit first? In other words, instead of an enemy event accidentally attacking the friendly event, is there a way in which the friendly event will...
  12. How Can I Make a Help Button in the Menu That Updates Via Switches?

    THANK YOU! It worked like a charm! Thread closed, please! :D
  13. How Can I Make a Help Button in the Menu That Updates Via Switches?

    Yeah, I actually used the Gab Window plugin to notify they had something available in the book. What I am trying to do is this (I didn't get it to work, I simulated it) However, I will try that suggestion you gave! :)
  14. How Can I Make a Help Button in the Menu That Updates Via Switches?

    Let me elaborate. I am making a "Help Book" in my game that essentially acts as a tutorial guide in case you forget controls and mechanics. I don't want every tutorial available at the start, but rather to come in with each time a switch is activated. For instance, early in the game, it will...
  15. Any real way to implement DLC?

    If so, I would like a tutorial on how to do this. I have made room for any switches I may need to use. I just want to know how to remotely turn on a switch using an outside js or json file. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  16. SRD_SuperToolsEngine is giving me troubles!

    Hey! So I have been using this plugin for months now, but all of the sudden, it only opens the console upon pressing F12, and not the Super Tools menu. I have it at the top of my list of plugins and have the plugin's latest version as well. Any help? Thanks!
  17. Fallout/Skyrim-style Chest System?

    So I was playing Fallout 4 with my girlfriend earlier today and had an idea that I hadn't had in awhile. I have been wanting to make a system in my game similar to the looting system in Bethesda games. Being able to pick up and store items and weapons and armor and the like inside of different...
  18. Possible to make this state?

    Wow that could actually work. Thanks!
  19. Possible to make this state?

    I wasn't requesting a plugin tho??? I can actually see where you would think that tbh, but I meant to type a script so that I knew what to do. Not saying "make a plugin that does this." Not that I'm complaining, either way, it fixes my problem.
  20. Possible to make this state?

    Hey, I am working on my game and in it, I have a skill called "Mirror Maze." I also have one called "Reflect" and what that does is send any attack back to the enemy. However, Mirror Maze basically drops mirrors all around the enemy, causing them to hurt themselves anytime they attack. However...

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