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  1. H0lly

    ReStaff December 2014

    Yea, I fully agree with you. My initial thought was "when people do not care about providing any license information for their contributions to a 'free' asset pack, they obviously are fine with it being used in any way - as long as proper credits are given". But then again, just as you said...
  2. H0lly

    ReStaff December 2014

    A general question: When a Guest Contributor did not provide any Terms of Use file, or a ReStaff member is not listed here, can one assume CC BY (attribution via credits is sufficient for commercial use)? Other than that I'd like to provide some general feedback: For people like me, it would...

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There's a new born faction in my country called "Sunda Empire" claiming they have right to rule over the earth and sun... I don't know what to feel...
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I have tried, several times to understand how Markiplier is popular. You can't deny his popularity. I can only get through a few minutes of his vids, though. He's cringier than ANY cringe comp I've ever watched. When I was a kid, if you acted like that, 0 friends and 100% no dates for you. Times have changed XD
Sometimes you may feel helpless and defeated. But everyone loses from time to time. It's okay to be tired. Take a breather. Have a good cry if you need to. You gotta take breaks from your workout, or you'll collapse before you can get stronger.
So, my roommates wrote a news article in English, translated it into Bengali with google translate and now I'm helping them fix the monstrosity which was the result. Making English the medium of education is fine... but not to an extent that we forget how to write properly in our own language :")

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