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  1. Sarlecc

    Learning Encryption...

    This thread is an exercise to learn more about encryption and improve my experiments the purpose is not to make a solid JavaScript encryption method. Anyway my latest experiment involves a dual pass method, a string and a number. The string pass can take virtually any character (giving it...
  2. Sarlecc

    Changing over from PIXI v4.0.0 interactivity to PIXI v4.4.1?

    So in one of the plugins I am making I am adding a command window to the map scene. I want it to be inactive until the mouse hovers over and then become inactive again when the mouse leaves. I had this working in version 4.0.0 of PIXI: As of v4.4.1 the above method simply does nothing. Now I...
  3. Sarlecc

    Sarlecc's ExEngine v0.6.1 Demo Released

    ExEngine Version 0.6.1 The Player Update Author Sarlecc Hello and welcome to ExEngine. What is ExEngine you say? Well ExEngine is a collection of server tools for RPGmaker MV to be put simply (though there is nothing simple about it). ExEngine also stands for Experimental Engine in case you are...
  4. Sarlecc

    New MV configuration for plugins

    Description of the Feature: Instead of the normal way of editing plugin parameters, this feature adds a text box in MV's plugin Manager that allows direct editing of a configuration area of plugins. Code for Implementation: Since I am not a hundred percent certain how to program this I will...
  5. Sarlecc

    [DEV]Skill_Usage Plugin

    Some of you may be familiar with a script I made in RPGMAKER VX ACE that could track the usage of skills for actors. It was nice an all but was frustrating as it had no automatic way of sending the data to you. i.e you had to ask your tester(s) to send you the data file. Well development has...
  6. Sarlecc

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1 Sarlecc   Introduction This plugin allows you to have achievements inside an RPG maker MV game. It is highly flexible allowing you to program your own achievement scene or to use one of the achievement scene style plugins I have provided.   Features -...
  7. Sarlecc

    Brain Exercises for JS

    Recently I've been reading "Expert JavaScript" by Mark E. Daggett (which I highly recommend) when I came across a chapter that focused on some interesting programmatic jargon. Some of this jargon I can not see as being particularly useful in production code (except where it can shorten some...
  8. Sarlecc

    \n doesn't work in plugin commands?

    Okay so I am working on a plugin and I decided to have a long text argument as one of the arguments. Example: "" // this is what the argument could equal for example. This would get displayed on a window on one line but what if I wanted it on two or more lines. Well if the...
  9. Sarlecc

    Time Machine - UPDATE version 1.1.5

    Time Machine version 1.1.5 Author Sarlecc   Introduction Description: Have you ever made a mistake in battle and wished you could have a redo? Well now you can! That's right with this new handy script you can roll back to a previous turn and try something different. Updates 1.1.1 can reset...
  10. Sarlecc

    Learning to Backtrace

    In an effort to improve my coding habits and knowledge of Ruby I am learning how to handle errors. While using backtrace in Aptana it shows the offending filename, line number and method. However in RPG maker with the same code the file name part shows what appears to be the script index instead...
  11. Sarlecc

    Skill Usage [UPDATED] V1.5.2

    Skill Usage V1.5.2 Author Sarlecc   Introduction Have you ever wanted to know precisely how many times your beta testers are using a skill in battle? While now you can! As soon as a player uses a skill it will be put on the list and update the percentages of all skills listed...
  12. Sarlecc

    Prime number evaluation efficiency

    So recently in my Built-in class extension's script I released a method that can tell if a number is prime or not. The code works (at least for most of the numbers I have tried) but it is slower than a snail moving through molasses with large numbers. Taking as long as three seconds to tell if...
  13. Sarlecc

    Built-in class Extension's v1.9.5 [Updated]

    Built-in class Extension's v1.9.5 Author Sarlecc   Introduction This script adds four new methods to the String class and three to the Array class more may be added in the future as I think of them. Updates: - v1.5 added three methods to the Array class and changed the name to...
  14. Sarlecc

    Safest way to run a method call that's stored in a hash?

    Okay I've been looking around for awhile now on different ways to run a method call that is stored up in a hash like the following: Are there any more ways to run a method that is stored in a hash?  If so/if not which way is the safest?
  15. Sarlecc

    How Interactive do you like NPC's

    So I am wondering how interactive do you like NPC's to be? Do you like them to be able to respond to everything a player does (i.e insane)? Perhaps you like them to interact only to certain things (i.e half and half). Or maybe you just like your NPC's to just kinda be there (i.e dull). What...
  16. Sarlecc

    [Solved] Changing location of battle animations in scripts

    So I have this enemy which has a graphic that covers pretty much the entire battle scene, Which in order to fit I had to lower it on the y axis (the troop setup made it so half of it wasn't showing which is why I had to lower it). This had the nice effect of having the enemy where I wanted it...
  17. Sarlecc

    Checking unknown player sentence input

    So I am trying to expand my knowledge on regexp's by programming a script that takes a sentence that a player types, and then gives a response based on what words makes up that sentence. i.e: I know how to get the player's input however I am having trouble with the match data. For example...
  18. Sarlecc

    Warning's vs EULA's

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor do I wish to become one please do not take any of the following discussion for granted without first contacting one. Note I simply want your views on this not legal advice. So recently I have been having a question (okay several) burning in the back of my mind...
  19. Sarlecc

    Parallax code question

    Basically I would like to have a run down of how the parallax code works (in $game_map) method by method. I am fairly certain I know whats going on in spriteset_map. If anyone could give me a basic run by on how the methods work it would be greatly appreciated. (Especially how do parallax images...
  20. Sarlecc

    Drawing Circles in ruby for pie graphs

    So recently I've kinda wanted to program a pie graph to show stats inside of an rpg game. I am thinking that the slices will be the easy part. Where it would be the number of slices with their sizes added together, then divide that number from each individual slice to get the percentage. Finally...

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