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  1. Dymdez

    Google Drive Bug with Files Names

    So I have decided to store my game in the cloud so that I can access it from anywhere to work on it while I travel. I have encountered a bizarre bug with Google Drive that I would definitely appreciate ANY input on. When I upload the game, the RPGMaker program seems to load the wrong images...
  2. Dymdez

    When do common events stop running their contents when turned off?

    So let's say you have a parallel process common event triggered by a switch.  When the switch is ON, the event runs its contents from top to bottom (duh), and when the switch is OFF, the event stops running. My question is when you turn the switch off, does the common event stop immediately, or...
  3. Dymdez

    Intelligence vs Wisdom, any practical differences?

    For stats... Intellgence and wisdom. Merge the two? Or keep them separate? If it's best to keep them separate, what are the meaningful differences between the two? My instinct is to merge them - am I missing anything big for design purposes?
  4. Dymdez

    Map Drops vs. Inventory Loot

    I'm developing an ABS combat game which is going to be open world (will take me years, but whatever) One question I'm constantly grappling with is how to deal with loot.  The current system is just map drops (map drops means that after you kill an enemy it will drop one of an item assigned in...
  5. Dymdez

    Changing Fadeout Time During Faded Map Transfers

    I like to use map transfers that have no fade but because of my parallaxes and various layers, it takes a few frames for everything to load, and a faded map transfer covers this problem.  My issue is that the fade is a bit too long. Is that something we have control over? I know that some of the...
  6. Dymdez

    Changing 'Dim Background' Transparency

    Hey all, Is there a way to alter the transparency used for the 'dim background' option for the 'Show Message' command? I want mine slightly darker for my messages that use Dim Background.
  7. Dymdez

    Editor placing extra space for certain fonts?

    Hey all, wondering if this is an editor issue. I can't seem to find a trace of it outside of RPGMAKER. In my message box, for the font 'monotype corsiva' it places extra space after the letters f and j. Does anyone know if this is an editor thing? Why would it be adding extra space? I checked...
  8. Dymdez

    Complicated: Changing Self Switch of Event in Front of Player?

    Hello all :) Working on some 'unlocking' spells. The player can lockpick or if they are skilled enough, they can cast an open spell on the lock. However... Is there a way to change the self switch of an event directly in front of the player? Here's an additional issue: I want the common event...
  9. Dymdez

    Parallel Processing Stress

    We all know too many parallel processing events cause lag. I've been curious as to distinguish some that don't really cause any lag and some which cause a ton. I once used a proximity sound effect script that nearly crashed my computer every time because it was checking positions and changing...
  10. Dymdez

    Water meeting land resources

    Hello all, Does anyone have any graphics I can work with for my parallax mapping to show water meeting land? I can do some graphical work so even just something slightly helpful would be good. The standard tilesets are too blocky for my liking but I haven't been able to simulate a fluid 'water...
  11. Dymdez

    Changing a regular tile to a ladder tile upon switch?

    I have a secret passage made that turns from a regular floor tile into a ladder. I can't have the tile labeled as a ladder before the switch is triggered but I want the tile to act as a ladder after the switch. Does anyone know a solution?
  12. Dymdez

    Preventing input just as choices are shown

    One issue I repeatedly run into is when I am spamming the dialogue box (for whatever reason, but come on, we all do it, just admit it) and a show choices gets triggered, it's easily to accidentally make a choice without a chance to realize a choice box has appeared. Is there a way to nullify...
  13. Dymdez

    Purposeful prejudice/racism in your game for realism

    What is your feeling about purposely placing racism and prejudice in an rpg? Let me be clear. I'm talking about self-contained prejudices, so for example, in Morrowind, the dark elves (actually any foreigners) were hated and referred to in a derogatory manner. They were called "N'wahs" and...
  14. Dymdez

    Simulating Proximity

    I guess this is somewhat of a puzzle -- how do you simulate proximity in a game where the maps are distinct from one another and the concept of "closeness" doesn't really exist? For example, in Morrowind, there is a spell called "Divine Intervention" which will teleport you to the closest...
  15. Dymdez

    Parallax Mapping & Custom Maps for Beginners (Step by Step Walkthrough)

    NOTE: This tutorial is TWO part. The second part will be posted soon. The first part is a step by step (literally) tutorial for generating a parallax map with GIMP and the second part will be learning how to use Yami's Overlay Script to use our new creation. This is a tutorial for beginners and...
  16. Dymdez

    How to make a "second life" ring?

    In Dark Souls, there is a ring that, if it is equipped when the player dies, the ring will shatter and the player, instead of dying, will go to half health and be alive. How exactly would one make something like this? How do you tell the game "if the player would die, instead do x"? Thank you...
  17. Dymdez

    Subtracting Experience?

    Is this a total taboo? Why? Why don't we punish players and remove EXP? Are there ANY circumstances where this is acceptable?
  18. Dymdez

    Changing Status Stat Abbreviations

    I did some digging but couldn't find a direct answer to what I thought would be a simple problem. On the Status scene, where it displays the player stats, "ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF".. etc... How do we change these abbreviations? I want to rename MAT to Intelligence and have the display "INT" There was...
  19. Dymdez

    Do you care about "bulk items" for immersion?

    For immersive purposes, what's your opinion on adding "bulk items." For example, you're on a pirate ship, you open a crate. Now, we could just put relevant items (crafting items, low level weapons, etc..) but what's your opinion on ALSO adding stuff that would be in there that the player has no...
  20. Dymdez

    Script that displays faceset depending on equipment?

    Hard to believe something like this doesn't already exist :) My request is for a script that would allow a notation to be placed in the text box and would check the armor data id numbers and display a corresponding faceset. My request is based on the fact that a 22 branch conditional branch is...

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