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  1. Padramyr

    Toggle between states

    Hey there! :) I'm working on my own custom menu at the moment and it's going fine so far. But I would like to implement that the states are not shown beside each other. Instead they should be displayed on a single square and toggle at a set frame speed. The problem is that I can't figure out...
  2. Padramyr

    Change actor during equip scene

    Hey there! :) I was wondering if there is a plugin that makes it possible to change the current actor during the equip or skill or status scene? For example, when I klick Shift the scene shows actor 2 insteadt of actor 1. I couldn't find anything with the search function or google. It's kind of...
  3. Padramyr

    German Translation Workshop

    Ever wished that your games could be translated into other languages? English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and a lot of people in other countries will understand (most) of your game. But what about all those people that don't speak English well enough? Don't worry, I'm here...
  4. Padramyr

    Help changing MOG's Scene File

    Hey there folks :) I hope this is the right forum for this (I wasn't sure if this is the right one or if I should post it in "Learning JS"). I've just started learning JS so I need help. So, I'm using Moghunter's Scene File. I managed to edit it the way I like it to be but now I ran into two...
  5. Padramyr

    Change icons with variables

    Hey there! :) I'm not sure if it's even possible what I'm asking. I need a plugin that changes icons depending on a variable. I'm using Iavra Localization. At the start of the game I ask the player which language should be used and change a variable depending on the choice (besides changing the...
  6. Padramyr

    How did you come up with your name?

    So, the other day I was wondering how you all came up with your nicknames? Did it just came to your mind or did you find inspiration somewhere? Or maybe it's a combination of different things? Many people associate my name with Lord of the Rings even though it was not inspired by it. I've been...
  7. Padramyr

    Multiple Regions possible?

    Hey there! I was wondering if it is possible to have more than one Region on a specific spot? If it's possible how do I achieve it? I would like to use OcRams Passages Plugin as well as Yanflys Region Events/Region Restrictions but sometimes I would have to have more than one Region on a tile...
  8. Padramyr

    FREE The Shadow Bloom (MV)

    Hey guys! :) Welcome to my Recruitment thread. First of all: “The Shadow Bloom” is just the working title - at least in English. The language of the game is actually German though I was allowed to post this thread anyway because I will translate it into English at some point. However, I took a...
  9. Padramyr

    Some portraits

    Hey folks! :) Well, first of all you may ask why this topic is in the Resource Requests section and not at the Project Recruitment. The answer lies within the Rules for the Project Recruitments: My game is German at the moment and it's not allowed to post there if the game isn't English. The...
  10. Padramyr

    Skit Plugin/Tutorial

    Hey everybody! :) I'm looking for a plugin for skits or something similar. A tutorial would help me, too. I know there was a script for VX Ace but I obviously can't use that on MV. I want to have my party members talk with each other on several occasions but I don't know how to pull that off. I...

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