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  1. Luminous Warrior

    Kingdom Hearts sprites wanted.

    I want to create a game based off of Kingdom Hearts. Basically, it's in the same world as Kingdom Hearts but it has nothing to do with the story of Kingdom Hearts. What I want is a few character sprites to get me started. What I need most is a generator part, the Organization XIII cloak for my...
  2. Luminous Warrior

    Luminous Recolors

    Hello, Luminous Warrior here. Due to a lack of variety in the Ace RTP, I am going to be posting my personal recolors here. Please remember to credit me and Enterbrain.   Original Costumes Actor 1   Actor 2   Actor 3 Actor 4 Actor 5 People 1 Secondary Costumes...
  3. Luminous Warrior

    Character Edits Wanted

    I wasn't sure whether or not this should go in Resource Requests or in Project Recruitment, so moderators, if necessary, please move this. I need 5 edits and 1 custom or 6 edits. 1. an edit of the Actor3-1 sprite and face with blonde hair and a less serious look. 2. an emote faceset for...
  4. Luminous Warrior

    The Immortals

    Everyone has their own idea of immortality, but I want to hear yours. Would immortality in a game make it better or worse? If you put immortality in your game, how would you do it? Or, if you wouldn't, why not? Is immortality a good thing or a bad thing? If it's a good thing, why? If it's...
  5. Luminous Warrior

    I think I belong here...

    Glad to see some people feel secure enough to talk about their life on the internet. Me, I prefer to keep everyone guessing my true identity. I could be a crazy old cat lady with a lot of free time, or I could be a British super-spy, trying out a new hobby to keep my mind sharp. Maybe I live in...
  6. Luminous Warrior

    The Goresnap

    OK, I'm not 100% sure if this is in the right place, so, moderators, if this is in the wrong place, can you please move it. I want a battler for a creature I created. It's called the goresnap, and I've referenced to it in multiple posts. It's an incredibly dangerous creature, that changes form...
  7. Luminous Warrior

    Statue Sprites

    Hello, Luminous Warrior here. I had made some edits and wanted to share them. They aren't that special, so I don't really care if you credit me or not. Just don't claim that you made them. Ok, bye.
  8. Luminous Warrior

    The Official Megaman Thread

  9. Luminous Warrior

    Hola, Aloha, Bonjour, Konichiwa, and of course Hello.

    Hi there, my name is Zimbal Tidusquall Cloudroth Vaancid the XII, the Final Judge Supreme of the Fantasasia Empire, but you can call me the Luminous Warrior. I am with great sadness because I am currently stuck with the VX Ace trial version, and will not be able to enjoy the full version until I...
  10. Luminous Warrior

    I need some sprite edits.

    I need some spritesheets. Specifically, I need edits of the ace RTP People1 as elves or humanoid cats (I think they're called furries or nekos). Centaurs or lizard people (similar to the bangaa of Final Fantasy XII) in VX RTP style would also be very helpful. If anyone can help, I would highly...
  11. Luminous Warrior

    Kyriaki's Run Time Boutique

    Those recolors are great! Hey if it isn't too much trouble, I need some non-human NPCs. Specifically, I need cat people, bird people, elves, and possibly fauns and centaurs. If you can add those, then thank you in advance, if not then I can make by without them.

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