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  1. laaghisce

    Damage Alterations : Resistances and Weaknesses

    Hello! This topic is about damage multipliers and reductions, specifically from the enemy's attributions. The question is : Should the damage bonus or reduction from the enemy's weakness/resistance always be the same with every enemy or should it vary? Before I use my example, I will be...
  2. laaghisce

    Laaghisce's Resources

    Hello! I'm an artist that's not anywhere else for now (well one place but not saying  :P ), I do plan on having a gallery somewhere eventually but for now... I'll be posting custom resources I create on this thread that I'll be using for my own project! Note, not everything in the project I'm...
  3. laaghisce

    Fire Emblem Level Ups

    Hello!   My Request I would like the default leveling up system to be changed to where parameters depend on a Growth Rate system. By default, leveling up will raise stats to a pre-determined number, but with the Fire Emblem styled level ups there can be more variety leveling up actors! I'll...
  4. laaghisce

    One-time chance factors

    For context, this would be in a long, open-world styled RPG. Whether it's a key item or right-or-wrong dialogue choice, how does this sound if there was a one time chance for these factors? These factors would affect things like the RPG's ending and/or bonus content (ex: more dungeons...
  5. laaghisce

    [RMMV] What does the parameter, LUK affect?

    My question is: What does the parameter/stat, LUK do in this engine? I have searched through the help.html and the RMMV threads but could not find any information on this.

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