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  1. eat beans

    Animated Parallaxes?

    Does anyone know how to animate parallaxes? I have yet to find a plugin that can do it. Thanks.
  2. eat beans

    Share Game Ideas

    What are some games you would always like to make, but don’t have the skills or funds to make them? Any type of game, not just RPGs.
  3. eat beans

    Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee Thread

    what are your thoughts?
  4. eat beans

    RPG Maker YouTubers

    What are your favorite YouTubers that cover RPG Maker? Tutorials, reviews, etc. I personally recommend Nitro Rad, he has shown me many great RPG Maker games that I wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise
  5. eat beans

    What Game has your favorite story?

    What game’s story was your favorite? RPG Maker or otherwise.
  6. eat beans

    How do you put an Event on top of a star tile?

    By star tile, I mean the tiles that you walk underneath in the overworld. Is there a way to put a NPC on top of one of those. In my case, I want to put the NPC on top of a building, but have the player walk underneath the tiles that the NPC is standing on.
  7. eat beans

    Help me with Poetry

  8. eat beans

    Playtest Stuck on Black

    So today when I go to launch my game's playtest, it just gets stuck on a blank black screen. I haven't changed anything from yesterday, and it worked fine then. I have tried restarting my computer/steam and nothing has worked. Why is this happening?
  9. eat beans

    New Game Sound Effect

    Is there a way to make it so a unique sound plays when you select new game on the title screen? Can I do this in the menus or do I have to use a script?
  10. eat beans

    Footstep sounds

    How do you add footstep sounds to your game? I don't care about the sound being different depending on what tiles you walk on, I just want a generic sound to play while the character is moving.
  11. eat beans

    Show Picture Help

    I know how to use the show picture command in an event, but it's not really what I want. What I want is for the picture to show up in the exact middle of the screen, make it so the player can't move until he presses x (or any back button) and the image goes away. How do you do this?
  12. eat beans

    Make Text Box Opaque

    Is there any way to make the text box completely opaque, as in not see through. Thanks.
  13. eat beans

    Screen Transitions

    By this, I mean Is there a way to add a special effect when you leave one map and enter another. I once saw an RPG Maker game where when you left one map, the pixels became very big and the screen became blury and then it reversed and you were in the other map.
  14. eat beans

    Changed Font, Game Stuck on Now Loading.

    So, I have come across this super annoying glitch in RMMV. When I tried to change the font for my game, I did everything I was supposed to, then when I went to play test my game, it gets stuck on Now Loading. Even when I changed the font back to the original it won't load. I have tried changing...
  15. eat beans

    Best Upcoming Indie RPGs

    What indie RPGs are you most excited for?
  16. eat beans

    Not Tiled Mapping

    what is the easiest way to make maps and insert them into the game that aren’t made out of tiles. I want to make the whole entire map in my pixel art software, and then insert it into the game. Is there any way to do that?
  17. eat beans

    What RPG Maker Game has your favorite art style?

    Which RPG Maker Game do you think has the best/weirdest/most unique art style? My favorite is Hylics by Mason Lindroth.
  18. eat beans

    Best Battle System (MV)

    What is your favorite battle system plugin?
  19. eat beans

    Add Film Grain to RPG Maker

    Is there any way to add a film grain effect to your game? I searched it up and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.
  20. eat beans

    Font Color

    Why does RPG Maker MV force your fonts to be white with a black border? Is there any way to make it pure black or pure white, or any other color? Thanks.

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