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  1. Olra

    Actor's HP becomes NaN when using a heal spell

    I have a particularly weird issue. Whenever I heal an actor, the actor's HP doesn't heal and their box becomes NaN (Not a Number), thus is unable to die, as seen here: I've never seen this issue nor have I seen it it documented like this - only NaN with death. And while I have some yanfly...
  2. Olra


    Oh yeah this exists. I forgot lol :eswt: I'm Olra, aka Wolfry. I might've joined before but it's... been a while??? My nerves really really really thought I was on my old account even after making a new one... hah. I apologize for any trouble I caused to mods and I hope I have a good time here o/
  3. Olra

    RMMV Eternal Dawn (HEAVY Work in Progress)

    This game in the making is inspired by the games i've played throughout my life. The story is based on Zelda, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Mario and Luigi, etc. , the locations are based on Zelda, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and Spyro, and characters are ones I designed due to my passion for the...
  4. Olra

    Characters won't appear on the battle screen... somewhat

    Okay, so my game corrupted a little, so I went and fixed it. The only problem is when I go to test out weapons on a dummy enemy (from Ækashics btw, bless them), this happened and my characters aren't on the floor like they should be, as seen here: I don't know what happened but I believe the...

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