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  1. hyde9318

    Question on rules

    Hey guys, just wanted to ask a quick question about the rules on something a little odd, I haven't really seen the perfect answer for my situation and I don't want to break the rules on it. So I would rather ask outright than go forward. So, essentially, We have been working on getting...
  2. hyde9318

    RM.Coalition Returns

    A rather long time ago, in a galaxy really not that far away.... Yeah... still working on a slogan five years later... -------------------------------------------------- A Short History... In October of 2012, I began work on a small pack of free resources for RPG Maker with the hopes that...
  3. hyde9318

    Pokémon Corner: R&S Version

    Hello PokéCorner fans! Welcome to the third generation of the Pokémon Corner! After the crazy success of the first generation of the Corner, our post number grew and grew and grew until our thread was overflowing. Then the second generation of the Corner became a success in its own right...
  4. hyde9318

    Spore Infection

    Hey guys, Hyde here for one last thing. This is more of a request than a question, so I placed the thread as such.  This is going to sound a bit dark, but the overall mood for the dungeon in which it is being used is just as dark as the request itself, if not worse (dark as in bad, not lack...
  5. hyde9318

    Yanfly ATB Question

    Hey guys, long time no see! Sorry that my first real appearance here in almost a year is a support question, but Im a little confused.  So I recently picked up MV to help get me back in the RM mood and mindset, and so far I absolutely love it. However, while trying out some new plugins, I...
  6. hyde9318

    Master Chronicles Recruitment

    Trainers every day set forth to be the best. Becoming a Master Trainer is the dream of children, teens, and adults alike across the globe, but it is no easy task. In the distant island continent of Crescent Isle, Pokemon are everywhere. I truly is a trainer paradise. Novices and Masters alike...
  7. hyde9318

    GFX Bunker: Restocked

    Welcome one and all to... Welcome to the new and rebooted GFX Bunker. I'm sure the Graphic Bunker is WAY before your time for some of you, but I will explain what this is to catch us up real quick. The Graphic Bunker was a Logo and Title Screen shop I opened WAY back in the day for a short...
  8. hyde9318

    Legend of Ninril (Feedback)

        Howdy guys! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I had a creative writing class (high school) where one of our assignments was to "imagine your own world similar to how Tolkein created his own" and to write a story that would take place there. Many people wrote their papers and rid...
  9. hyde9318

    Goodbye, friend of the world...

    I am sure the news is out worldwide by now, and I am even more sure that you guys are probably already sick of seeing so many people talk about this, but I thought that I would take a minute and honor an amazing human being, Robin Williams, who passed away recently.  Roughly six years ago, I...
  10. hyde9318

    Pokémon Corner: Crystal Version

    Hello PokéCorner fans! Welcome to the second generation of the Pokémon Corner!   After the crazy success of the first generation Corner, our post number grew and grew and grew until our thread was overflowing. While it is amazing that our small community grew like that, we now have to move on...
  11. hyde9318

    Modern Military

    Howdy there everyone! I haven't been on the resource requests for a while, but I have something I am looking for now, so hopefully someone can give me a hand. There are a few different things I am looking for, mainly just wondering if such things exist already, but some I would like custom...
  12. hyde9318

    Pirates: Testing Drive

    Hey there guys, Hyde here, needing a bit of help. Before I get to askin', let me explain the project and short story behind it so you know where you fit in on this. About a year ago (maybe a bit more), RMWeb held a contest to put together a small rpg within (I think) two weeks (if I am wrong...
  13. hyde9318

    Zombies (Halloween Edition)

    RM.Coalition Presents A Neon Black and Hyde9318 Production     Zombies. Their creation means death and destruction all across the globe. That is exactly where we have placed you as a player. After an unknown event linked to Chimera Corporation has sparked the zombie apocalypse, you are set...
  14. hyde9318

    Dragon's Dogma Corner

    Hello everyone! After the wild success of Pokemon Corner, I kept thinking to myself something. In the video games section, we have small topics about just near every hit game out there, but most topics touch on one single point of that game and die out quickly. The reason Pokemon Corner thrived...
  15. hyde9318

    Save System Conversion

    Howdy everyone! Sad to say, you are not dreaming. Hyde is BACK in the RGSS request section, lol. What can I say? I am still really attached to my VX scripts. So many cool things came out for VX that just aren't happening quite yet in Ace. Anyways, I do, of course, have another conversion...
  16. hyde9318

    Pokemon Corner

    Hello everyone. I contemplated the idea of starting a thread like this, then I decided it would be fun, so here we are. You and I both know that near half the people on these forums are raving Pokemon fans, whether they admit it or not. Little do people realize, Pokemon is one of the most widely...
  17. hyde9318

    The Graphic Bunker 3: The Return

    Well everyone, it has been a while, so I think I should update you. This version of the Bunker is getting shut down due to myself being away from it. As I am not as active on this site as I used to be, the GFX Bunker is being moved to RMP. So, to let everyone know, the new version is under...
  18. hyde9318

    Shopaholic (VX to Ace Conversion)

    Hey everyone. Hyde here, coming to you asking for help on converting a RPG Maker VX Script over to Ace/RGSS3 format. This one seems rather large, but I promise that it isn't quite as large as it looks (but I will admit that it is still fairly large). Back when we were all still working hard on...
  19. hyde9318

    Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 (2012)

    Characters Cobi Cobi is the oldest child in his family. He has always loved helping his father out when it came to working with monsters. It was quite often that he could be found watching local monster masters training just outside the town limits as he was growing up. When he was told...
  20. hyde9318

    Simple Scriptlet

    Hello everyone. I am sure that this has probably been done before, and if it has, can you please point me in the right direction (preferable in the form of a direct URL if possible). I am looking for a scriptlet that will allow me to add sound to text. You may know of this being used in many...

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