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  1. Papillon

    Shaz's Smart Path - 8 directions possible?

    So I've been trying to create an event that followers the player no matter where they are and for that I've been using Shaz's Smart Path plugin. While it does work to an extent I've noticed that if the player walks off in a diagonal direction the event is only able to move in cardinal directions...
  2. Papillon

    Yanfly's Battle AI Core: Randomly skipping turns

    I'm having an issue in Yanfly's AI Core where, for some reason, listing skills in the "AI Priority" tag causes the enemy to just sometimes not use skills even if they meet the condition. For example, I have two skills I want an enemy to use. Both will only trigger if a variable is equal to or...
  3. Papillon

    Is there any way to create a pixel-perfect gauge?

    I'm currently at my wit's end trying to solve this issue. I'm attempting to create a HP gauge within the Status menu which is tilted diagonally (like this ) but no matter what I can't seem to find any way to accomplish this. I've tried to code a gauge myself and explore a few different...
  4. Papillon

    Is there a way to check which actor is being targeted at the start of a turn?

    I'm trying to come up with a way to visually indicate which character is about to be attacked by putting an animation over them at the start of a turn. Though I'm not quite sure if there's a way to do this without having the enemy have scripted targets.
  5. Papillon

    Yanfly's Button Common Events: Binding to a gamepad?

    Hi there. I'm currently having issues trying to get a common event to activate with a gamepad. I have a common event where upon pressing a button the current party leader will change. I'm trying to get that to work by pressing the left shoulder button, so I've tried to bind the event to Page Up...
  6. Papillon

    Is there any way to display variables changes with SRD's Equip Comparison Upgrade?

    I have a few custom stats that rely on variables to display. I've been using LadyBaskerville's Equipment Variables to attach a variable to armour and have it adjusted up on equip. However I'd like to have the change in value shown through SRD's plugin and I'm not quite sure how to pull it off...
  7. Papillon

    HIME_EnemyReinforcements: Applying states to individual enemies?

    Hi there. I've run into some trouble with Himework's Enemy Reinforcements. I want to summon an enemy and then apply or remove a state from it, but I can't quite work out what to call. I've been playing around in the console but can't seem to find a proper function for it. Is it possible?
  8. Papillon

    Is there any way to get an image to appear underneath a battler?

    Hi there. I'm trying to create an effect where the ground below a battler changes colour if they're afflicted with a certain status effect. I can get a picture to display if they are, but it will always appear in front of the sprite rather than behind it. Is there any way to go about this?
  9. Papillon

    Using VE_SFont with VE_DamagePopup?

    Dumb question, but how would I go about using these two plugins together? VE_DamagePopup allows you to use a script call to load a font face and VE_Sfont can be called using bitmap.changeSFont(index) Now obviously putting these two together doesn't work since I just get "ReferenceError: bitmap...
  10. Papillon

    Yanfly Row Formation and Yanfly Battle Engine Core incompatibility bug.

    I've come across an odd bug when using these two plugins: I have thoroughly tested my project and it only seems to occur if just Battle Engine Core is turned on. What happens is that if I were to...
  11. Papillon

    Is there a way to target certain enemies in certain rows at once with Yanfly's Row Formation?

    I've been using Yanfly's Row Formation and I've found myself stuck trying to work out an attack. Say I have 4 rows to correspond with 4 battlers. I want to make an attack that checks if battler 1, 2, and 3 are standing in row 1, 2 or 3. Handy diagram: ⬛⬛⬛⬜ ⬛⬛⬛⬜ ⬛⬛⬛⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜ If the above battlers...
  12. Papillon

    How to set a maximum amount of a variable?

    I'm trying to design a custom resource through basic Javascript that relies on using a custom variable. I can't quite figure out how to put a limit on the amount you can generate though. I've tried var Skill = $gameVariables.value(1).clamp(0,100); but that runs into an issue where if the amount...
  13. Papillon

    Yanfly's Absorption Barrier not working

    For reference: I've run into a problem where YEP_AbsorptionBarrier refuses to work at all no matter what I do. I've copied and pasted the example skills on the Yanfly wiki but nothing seems to work, I've added a state to the skill to test...
  14. Papillon

    Checking the ID of the currently selected actor?

    Hi there. I'm currently making a small tweak to the critical damage formula that scales off the level of the currently attacking actor. But I cannot work out the script call for the life of me. The code is currently: Math.floor((damage * 1.5) * Math.log($ + 1 ); but...
  15. Papillon

    HP being calculated incorrectly?

    I'm having a weird problem where, for some reason, all of my actors are having their HP calculated incorrectly. I have not touched the source code in any way nor am I using a plugin that would affect how these values are being calculated. Up until the past hour my game has been working perfectly...
  16. Papillon

    Is there any way to stop a sprite mid-animation?

    I'm having a bit of trouble with making an event. I'm trying to make the player sprite stop and stay on its current frame of animation, but whenever I try to do this it always reverts back to the idle frame. Is there any way I can make this?
  17. Papillon

    Problems with conditionals in SumRndmDde's HUD Maker

    Hi there. I'm having some difficulty with SumRndmDde's HUD Maker. What I'm trying to do is create an image which appears whenever you're selecting the actions for an actor and stays invisible during battle or whenever you're selecting actions for another actor. For a conditional I've tried...
  18. Papillon

    Creating an "if" statement formula that applies damage and a state?

    Hi there. I'm currently trying to create a damage formula which checks if an enemy has a state and applies damage and a another state depending on if it's applied. Problem is it always returns 0 damage so long as addState is in the code. I've tried if ( b.isStateAffected(40) ) { a.atk * 1.25...
  19. Papillon

    State that increases a variable for every turn it's active?

    Apologies if this has been asked before, I can't actually find what I'm looking for. I'm trying to make a state that increases a variable by 1 for every turn the state is applied on an enemy. Is there any way to go about this?
  20. Papillon

    RPG Maker MV: Index.html not being created?

    Hello there. I'm currently using the Steam client of RMMV and recently I haven't been able to playtest any new projects. I haven't used RMMV since 1.2.0 and recently updated the software. Now any project made with 1.6.0 cannot be playtested at all as I'm just given a "file not found" error...

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