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  1. oriongates

    MZ blurring animation images

    So, I'm trying out some custom summon animations in MZ, which are largely kitbashes of various visual elements, including some simple monster image pngs. However, it seems like MZ is noticeably blurring these pngs. Which seems like a problem not just for this particular implementation, but...
  2. oriongates

    RMMZ Cyclone Maps: getting fogs to work

    I'm trying to do some parallax mapping with the Cyclone Maps plugin and I'm running into issues with getting fogs to work. Ground and Parallax settings work fine. Both image types appear without any issue at all. It seems to only be fogs that are the issue. I put the <FogName: fog6> (the name...
  3. oriongates

    Selecting the correct character/damage frame

    So, RMMZ creates three different "down" or damage images for map sprites...but how do you actually pick the sprite you want of the three. I'm trying to do it by a set movement route (to show an NPC being hit by something and knocked down) but I can only choose the 12-sprite segment containing...
  4. oriongates

    Question about Tile D objects

    So, I'm experimenting with TileD for mapping, and I'm having some trouble with objects. In order for this to be useful I really need the option to freely place items on the map, without linking to the grid. The Objects tool seems to be the way to do this, but I can only use the Insert Tile...
  5. oriongates

    RMMZ Playing animations above pictures

    Is there a plugin for MZ (or an MV plugin that still works with MZ) that will allow show animation commands to play above pictures. If there's a way to to get them to play below sprites that would also be great.
  6. oriongates

    TileD converted autotiles [MV/MZ]

    So, I'm experimenting with TileD to get my maps to look a bit better without the hassle of drawing them purely with photoshop tools. I found a very useful conversion tutorial and figured out how to reshuffle the auto-tiles around make them drawable in TileD, but it's not the fastest project...
  7. oriongates

    Multiple RPGmaker installs on the same computer

    So, here's my situation. The new MZ character creator is good, but its still pretty limited and the facial aesthetic doesn't suit every game I'm trying to make. The clothes in particular are kind of a sticking point, since the selection (especially for modern characters) is very limited. But I...
  8. oriongates

    MZ/Efekseer frame rate

    I'm experimenting with making animations in Efekseer, but I'm having a little trouble synching frame rates. Animations seem to run faster in MZ than in Efekseer. Could anyone tell me what the "conversion" is between the two?
  9. oriongates

    Somehow I'm mad there's more child material

    I was always annoyed at how sparse the child materials were for MV, but now MZ has a significantly higher child generator library and it's even worse, because now there's a ton of stuff that's child exclusive which I'd quite like to include on adult characters. And child material is even more...
  10. oriongates

    How many of you guys have accidentally found the backstage map?

    Through a dumb sequence of events, I ended up initiating a transfer event to a set of blank variables. Surprisingly, rather than crashing the game I ended up in a big, black map with all of the vehicles tucked away. I can't be the first to have stumbled across this, anyone else manage to do this...
  11. oriongates

    Exploding Everyone

    Is there any way to create a skill that affects all enemies and all allies at once? Basically, a big bomb blast that targets everyone? Using common events to force a secondary self-damaging skill has a lot of problems (namely the delay between hitting the enemies and hitting the parties and the...
  12. oriongates

    Creating a "Try Again" option

    Okay, so what I'm trying to do is create an item-based skill system without plugins. It's easy enough to have a skill trigger a common event that checks if the player has the items needed in their inventory, removes those items and "fakes" a skill trigger. That part's a no brainer. The...
  13. oriongates

    Movement route easing

    I'm curious if anyone has done a plugin that allows for easing in an on-map sprite's movement route. Something to represent things like a car slowly rolling to a stop or accelerating, that sort of thing. The even-based changes to movement route are just too jerky.
  14. oriongates

    Changing animation size on the fly.

    Is there a plugin out there that will let you adjust the scale of an existing animation? There are several animations I would like to have a bit bigger or smaller (for instance, creating different-sized animations for small sprites like SV actors vs big sprites like SV enemies) but it's...
  15. oriongates

    Terrax lighting system, lag on mobile lighting events

    So, I'm using the Terrax lighting system and I have four events (NPCs) with small lighting bubbles, but when they move there is often a significant lag on the lighting, taking a second or two to catch up to the NPCs, something quite noticeable in some of the scenes I'm using them for. This is...
  16. oriongates

    Photoshop question: Creating an image "stamp"

    I'm curious if anyone knows how to do this (assuming it can be done). Is there a way, in photoshop, to create an image and basically "stamp" it onto a layer with one click. For example, say I have a flower sprite. I want to scatter a few around my parallax map. Right now I have to copy the...
  17. oriongates

    Positioning help with Yanfly's Row Formations

    So, I'm doing a couple of different things at once that are causing a couple of issues for me: First, I'm using larger-than-normal battlers (current size is 186 pixels, although I may cut it in half to 93 pixels, still undecided). Second, I'm using a larger-than-normal party size of six...
  18. oriongates

    Broken Objects/Debris

    Anyone know of any tiles that feature broken objects or debris? Not just cracked or busted up, but actually in pieces or smashed. Things like the RTP wooden barrels/crates and jars would be ideal. Other debris like wood planks or rocks would also be useful. Looking for stuff available for...
  19. oriongates

    A way to show balloon icons for interactable events

    So, I'm looking for a way to indicate to the player when they're facing an event they can interact with (notably, not every "action button" events...some things will be interactable but not important enough to indicate and I feel like NPC events are self-evidently interactable). I found...
  20. oriongates

    [RMMV] Help with resizing sprites through photoshop

    I'm not 100% sure if this is the best part of the forum to post this, but I figure someone probably has some experience with this so I wanted to check if anyone might have some insight on this issue. I'm experimenting with editing some sprites and I'm trying to see how big I can get them...

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