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  1. Chaos Avian

    Deployment Issue

    Hi there, I'm having an issue with deployment for my game. I'm exporting for Windows, however I think I'm missing some files as the "Game" app file isn't present. Here's an image of my folder with the files after deployment.
  2. Chaos Avian

    Elemental Chase

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the last part of a 'chase' skill in my game. The idea is that Actor A casts a spell on an enemy (lets say Fire) and Actor B, if they have the correct state (Chase Fire) follows up with an elemental attack on the same target. I have all of that set up, but my issue...
  3. Chaos Avian

    JSON Reader Error

    My laptop crashed while playtesting and after turning back on my PC, RMMV can't read any of the JSON files... I don't know why this is happening and I really don't want to lose the project I've been working on...
  4. Chaos Avian

    Multiple Skill Costs

    What do you think of games that use two differing skill costs in a game? For example 'Magic' would cost MP as usual but 'Abilities' for example would have limited uses per battle (that can increase with uses per level or equipment). What you find that jarring from a player perspective? Off...
  5. Chaos Avian

    SV Nun

    Hiya there, just (hopefully) a simple request~ Resource Type: SV Battler Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: RTP Description: Just an Actor SV Battler for the Nun clad in purple shown in the topic below :3 Reference Images:
  6. Chaos Avian

    Ammo and Item based Actors

    So when it comes to characters, actors and/ or classes we tend to decide on one of 3 costs for their skills, MP, TP or HP. What of a character that almost functions completely on items to do comparably damage, such as a true blue archer or sniper (Archers in FF3 for example)? Sure they have ways...
  7. Chaos Avian

    Random Repeats

    Hi there, is there a 'random repeats' plug in around at all? For example an attack in Pokemon named 'Fury Attack' would have a repeat the attack to 2-5 consecutively. Thanks~
  8. Chaos Avian

    Weakness Stun

    Hi there, I've been wanting to make hitting a weakness create the benefit. Like Persona 3 and 4, where hitting a weakness gives you another turn except I want to make the result of hitting a weakness a chance of stunning rather than an extra turn. I do have an Ace version of this and I'm hoping...
  9. Chaos Avian

    Removing the Attack Command in Battle

    Hey guys, just a simple one here. How would you remove the Attack command during battle? I've set my game up so that the party members don't use it, but enemies do. Thanks in advance~
  10. Chaos Avian

    SV Wolf Sheet

    Hi there, I'm looking to request a wolf SV animated battler to use as an actor. A Husky or Grey Wolf is the species I'm looking for. I don't mind if it's a frankensprite or entirely original. Thanks.
  11. Chaos Avian

    An MC That Sucks And Consistently Sucks

    As the title states, the MC is just bad (stat wise) but he can learn practically any skill and can use all weapons (essentially being able to do anything). What are your thoughts/ views on this? Personality non-withstanding.
  12. Chaos Avian

    Equipment Adding Stats That Don't Exist

    Hi there. I have a really bizarre that popped out of no where. The weapons and armour for my Actor 2 (no other actor has this issue) won't match with what I set them as. For example the weapon is supposed to increased ATK by 3, but it increases it by 8. I restart the game from new game, the...
  13. Chaos Avian

    Mechanics, Gimmicks, Terminology, etc in Sci-fi Games

    So, I've been thinking about sci-fi games as a whole while developing my project and I've been thinking what kind of mechanics and gimmicks are liked and disliked and wanted to find out what is "fun" and what is more on the annoying side. We (well me at least) tend to deal with mechanics and etc...
  14. Chaos Avian

    Display Error

    Hi there, I'm having a rather bothersome display error. After updating all the plug-ins for Yanfly I noticed that when highlighting an enemy, the display no longer pops up it just whitens them. I'm using a couple other scripts apart from Yanfly's, but they've never caused any issues or...
  15. Chaos Avian

    Visual Novel Hybrid?

    So I've been doing some thinking and I've come to the conclusion that I want to write heavily story based narratives, so I'm asking you the community what hybrid mixes you would like to see or whether or not I should keep VNs in their pure text based nature. MV (and Yanfly's Message System)...
  16. Chaos Avian

    Final Fantasy 7 - MV Resources

    I was playing around in the MV generator and noticed that a character was starting to look like Cloud. Sooo I managed to recreate 6 of the 9 party members from FF7. Enjoy~ FACES CHARSETS SV BATTLERS
  17. Chaos Avian

    YEP Skill Cooldown not working.

    I'm having a bit of an issue... for some reason YEP skill cooldowns don't work. I've made sure to include the plugins in the right area...
  18. Chaos Avian

    Checking Equip Slot for a Shield

    I found this a bit bothersome, but I don't know how to make a skill require the use of armour (specifically the Shield) slot in order to use a skill. Just like how you can make a skill require a sword for example, how would I go about doing the same thing for shields? If I wanted to use a skill...
  19. Chaos Avian

    Making Solo Play Interesting

    So lets say you're playing a game, you only play as one character throughout the entire game (or rather only control one character during battles). How would you and/or what things can you do to keep it interesting? I had thought about a wide variety of weapons and armour interchangeable during...
  20. Chaos Avian

    Learn Skills via Stat Points

    Hi there, basically what I want to figure out is having a character learn a skill based on their current stat number as opposed to level or equipment. I know there are various methods (event and script) that allows a character to learn x skill at y level. What about let's say a character learns...

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