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  1. ItsAlterity

    Yanfly - Life Steal - Lack of Drawback

    So I am currently working with Yanfly's Life Steal plugin and at the moment I can get the plugin to heal with moves and whatnot, but when I have it at negative it won't damage the user. I have the "Negative HP Damage" turned on, is there another way I can get around this issue or is there...
  2. ItsAlterity

    Teleportation Fail

    So I was attempting to work out a Teleportation skill, said skill would be able to have different abilities if the player was in battle or outside of it. I had a conditional branch using the script "$game_party.in_battle" (Something I copied from another post regarding a similar situation), and...
  3. ItsAlterity

    Yanfly - Skill Learn System - Lunatic Mode Help

    Currently working out a system for my game where the idea is skills are enabled through equips. I am trying to do this through the Yanfly Skill Learn System, and so I was trying to make Skills visible through the "Learn Show Eval". I did a test run with this code: <Learn Show Eval>...
  4. ItsAlterity

    Simultaneous Status Add/Removals (Gen I Wrap)

    So for one of the boss battles in my game, I want to have the boss have a move that inflicts damage on the opponent, then inflicts a state on both the boss and the target where both can't move, and the target takes damage each turn. This lasts for a few turns, then both the boss and the target...
  5. ItsAlterity

    Random Encounters Vs. On-Map Encounters

    So I've noticed more recently in the most recent ends of JRPGs, there has been a dying out of random encounters and a much bigger increase of On-Map Encounters. There always have been games like Paper Mario and the like to do this, but now I have started to see it more and more with Persona, Ni...
  6. ItsAlterity

    Default Variable Values

    Bit of a simple though odd one to ask, but wanted to ask for the idea of adding a default value to certain variables at the start of the game. For example, say I have an Approval/Trust system for my partners and I want them at default to start at 50, I want it to be able to immediately set it to...
  7. ItsAlterity

    Default Variable Values

    So in my coming game, I am working on a sort of Approval/Trust system with each of your partners throughout the journey and so the main idea for this was each partner that joins starts with a default of 50 points (Out of 100) in the approval/trust system (Based on your decisions, etc.). My...
  8. ItsAlterity

    What Type of World Map Do You Prefer?

    So an interesting point in question actually. I have been working out my game at this point and the million dollar question has been with the world map: Does one prefer to take the style of World Map that RPG Maker encourages where you surf around, maybe gets some encounters, end up at your...
  9. ItsAlterity

    Yanfly Skill Core - Lunatic Mode Help

    So with Yanfly's Skill Core plugin, I am trying to enter custom requirements so I can make the requirements include 3 types of weapon types and not 2 using Lunatic Mode. (Which basically allows you to enter in stuff manually, in this case custom equip requirements) What code am I looking for to...
  10. ItsAlterity

    FPSMeter Not Defined

    So I just installed the Dragonbones Plugin from Yanfly onto my game, and now every time I open the game it gives me an error, "FPSMeter Not Defined". What did I do wrong here and how can I fix this?
  11. ItsAlterity

    Iconset Merging

    Resource Type: Iconset Maker Format: MV Art Style: (Just Merge the Icon sets) Description: (Just need an iconset with each of the iconsets I link merged all together) Reference Images: Yanfly's MV Ready Ace Icons (The Huge Set), Avery's MV/MV II Iconset, 7Soul1's 420 Iconset, 7Soul1's Extra...
  12. ItsAlterity

    Individualized Stats

    Here's a bit of an odd ball. So in Fire Emblem, there are multiple characters of the same class, but each of them have their own personalized stats that differ from other characters of the same class. Is there a way to implement this into RPG Maker MV? I remember something similar being in VX or...
  13. ItsAlterity

    Simultaneous Movement Routes

    So I have been trying to work on dialogue and all that and I have been trying to work the movement route to have the two characters in said dialogue have a synchronized movement, like one guiding the other. Is there any way to do this? I keep trying to work it, and even uncheck the "Wait" thing...
  14. ItsAlterity

    One Way To Start

    Hello all, Fairly new to RPG Maker as a whole in terms of using it, (Especially MV) but had messed around and had knowledge of it since the VX days. The discovery of the greatness that is Yanfly has helped me a bit alongside Driftwood Gaming and SRDude's tutorials. I got a bit of progress...

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