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  1. Mooshry

    RMMV Shift Balloon Icons?

    So in my game, the balloon icons are diagonal like in scribblenauts instead of the default straight down. The problem is, since the balloon icons are usually supposed to point down, it looks weird when they show up directly above the npc instead of to their upper right. Now you may ask, why am...
  2. Mooshry

    RMMV Platformer system?

    So i'm trying to make a platformer in MV, but i can't find a plugin. That japanese platformer plugin that existed vanished for some reason, and i'd rather not use eventing since that would be too complex and time-consuming. I've tried Galv's Jump Action plugin, but that one's too wonky and...
  3. Mooshry

    Randomized Words?

    So i'm looking for a plugin that randomizes words in text. Basically, you make dictionaries (txt files filled with words placed in a dictionaries folder) it pulls words from, and then to add them in text, you use a text code like \ra[x], with the x being the dictionary's file name. And before...
  4. Mooshry

    Different monsters in weather?

    So i want the troops of a map to change depending on the weather. For example, during clear weather, a Slime and Feralball appear as enemies. But when the weather changes to rain, Frogfaces appear instead of Feralballs, and when the weather is snow, Snowmanglers appear instead of Frogfaces or...
  5. Mooshry

    Dragon Quest Monsters synthesis

    Does anyone know how to make a synthesis plugin like in dragon quest monsters? Basically, you choose two actors (parents) from your party (that are above level 10), then choose another actor (child) to create from a list of 5 (including the two actors you chose at the start). Then, it quarters...
  6. Mooshry

    New Character Creation?

    My game requires a character creation system like the one in Dragon Quest. Basically you talk to an NPC and you can create and delete characters. How i want it to be made is it takes the first blank entry in the actor list (For example: ID 1 and 2 are used, but 3 is blank) and opens SRD's...
  7. Mooshry

    Yanfly Actor Battle AI Tactics?

    So uim using the battle AI plugin from Yanfly, and i wanna use it to make the tactics system from DQ. Basically, i need a new menu button that opens a screen that lets you choose from a list of AI tactics, and when one is selected, it changes the actor's AI and makes them auto-battle...
  8. Mooshry

    Some Weird Music Tracks

    I made a bunch of weird music tracks i'd like to share! Here they are!
  9. Mooshry

    Events Teleporting?

    So, in my game, enemies appear on the map. And i want some enemies to teleport around like the Cumulus Rex from DQIX. Basically, they'd have a script call in their move route that's something like "this.teleport", and when the event comes on screen, it teleports to a single global region...
  10. Mooshry

    Power Meter

    So, i want a feature for my game that's a bar that appears over a battler and fills up a bit whenever they deal or take damage. When it fills up, the battler unleashes a special attack. Here's a small mockup. EDIT: Instead of the battler releasing the attack immediately, because that would be...
  11. Mooshry

    Sprite Resizing

    So, i made enemy sprites for my game, and when i went to put them in, they turned out to be too small! I usually make my enemy sprites 4x4 pixels, but i accidentally made them 3x3. I can't afford to resprite them all, since there's quite a lot, and it'll take way too long to do it alone. (By the...
  12. Mooshry

    Silence Thing

    So, in my game, characters cast magic by drawing a symbol in front of them, and instead of Silence/Mute, the Debuff is called Sigil Break. It gives magic a 50% chance to fail, and if it does, the battler would use a unique 5-7 frame motion showing their magic sigil breaking and them looking...
  13. Mooshry

    Chibi Cat and the Hunt for a Cake Boss Themes!

    I've managed to concoct a boss theme for my game Chibi Cat and the Hunt for a Cake! It's heavily inspired by Dragon Quest, and i'd like some feedback on it! What i should add, what i should remove, if the notes are right, and anything else! And this is another one i made, that plays during the...
  14. Mooshry

    Ariana Grande's in danger...

    IMPORTANT EDIT: It turns out this was all just a big HOAX! I'm glad it's fake, but leading the poor twitter guy on a wild goose chase for whoever was doing all this is just mean! It was all just a big waste of time. But at least Ariana is safe. So, i don't know if i should post this here or in...
  15. Mooshry

    MOG_Theatrhythm Summon System?

    So, i'm making a game based on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (Which will be non-commercial, of course.) and i need a summon system that works differently to the one in the actual game. In the actual game, since there's time in it, a summon appears at a certain time. But i want my summon to appear...
  16. Mooshry

    Gambit System Problem

    So hello! I'm making a game in VX Ace with gambits in it, and i found this really good script! But it's all in Japanese. I need someone to translate it, and i don't want it looking like i ran it through google translate a bit, and want it to feel authentic. Here's the link to it...
  17. Mooshry

    RMMV Enemy Names

    I've got a BIG problem with naming my monsters. There are 3 names i've got a problem with. (These names are Dragon Quest III styled, so i want a Dragon Quest III NES-styled name! Less than 10 chars!) Here are examples of Dragon Quest III enemy names: BLACKRAVEN HUMANABAT MADHOUND RAMMORE...
  18. Mooshry

    Weird Enemy Designs

    IDK if this is the right forum to post this, but i need weird enemy designs for one of my games. I made a status update saying this, and people told me to post a thread about it so i could get more fleshed-out designs. So, yeah. I'll describe some Dragon Quest enemies you can use as reference...
  19. Mooshry

    Enemy Walk-n'-Stop?

    So, i'm trying to emulate the enemy walking in Dragon Quest games where they walk a bit, then stop, then walk again, then the cycle continues. I want there to be a slight interval between cycles so, for example, a Prancing Pillar walks 3 tiles ahead, then the next cycle starts and he walks 4...
  20. Mooshry

    Tension Plugin

    Hello! This request probably won't be fulfilled, but i would like a tension plugin for RPG Maker MV. This is an excerpt from the DQ wiki. (Had to remove all blue text...) I would really like it finished! But i'd like Psyche Up to be a skill instead, so enemies could use it.

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