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  1. Countyoungblood

    share what youre learning this week

    Who wants to talk about what theyre learning about? I myself am studying electricity but with all the recent free time Ive been dabbling with cooking. Ive made a few soups a vinagrette some lemon curd and gotten closer to easy homemade burgers. (The trick seems to be minimal handling) How...
  2. Countyoungblood

    memorable tabletop moments DnD or others

    Recently Ive started Dming a group for 5e. Since its my first time we're playing loose and experimental as I learn the different aspects of the game. The group was investigating some dwarven ruins..had been through a few fights and made it to the final room inside of which I had prepared a...
  3. Countyoungblood

    Being a good friend to yourself

    I believe one of the most valuable things I could ever learn would be how to convey this one ideal. Ive tried multiple times with multiple people to various degrees of success but I still dont have enough magic for an efficient spell. If youre interested then follow me down this rabbit hole and...
  4. Countyoungblood

    Diminishing returns: not everything is worth doing

    Reading through the forums Ive been finding topics going into depth about things id consider to be inconsequential. Im reminded of another forum where someone was planning on redrawing all of their characters to allow the player the option to be left handed. it was going to be about 20 hours of...
  5. Countyoungblood

    Hello from the rest of me

    Hi, Im a 31 year old electrician with 3 kids and a wonderful wife who I adore. I enjoy philosophy, gardening, cooking, go, and reading. When I read its usually about business or philosophy. My long term goals include becoming a master electrician, establishing a bamboo grove, and investing into...
  6. Countyoungblood

    Play video event command

    Is there a script equivalent? would it be difficult to adjust the video position to allow dialog to display under? could the video progress along with the dialog under it? Or would it be possible to play multiple small videos and pause each while the text follows along? such would look like...
  7. Countyoungblood

    enemy equivilent for method

    Im using galvs animated battlers and had a script commissioned which includes this line. def change_pose(id,type,*pose) $game_actors[id].send(type+"_pose=",pose) end it works great for actors but i want to call it on enemies as well and Im not sure how to go about that. thoughts?
  8. Countyoungblood

    Favorite quest script

    Have you used a quest script in your game? IF SO what script(s) did you use? IF MULTIPLE which of the scripts that you used in your game was your favorite?
  9. Countyoungblood

    favorite quest script

    How do you make quests? Do you event them or use a plugin? If so which one and why?
  10. Countyoungblood

    assigning game variables in the script VxAce

    $game_variables[x] = y doesnt work for me. v[x] = y doesnt work either. how can i assign a value to a game variable inside a method?
  11. Countyoungblood

    Accessing variables assigned through attack formula

    thanks to a helpful member of the forums Ive been provided with a nice bit of code to assign variables in an attack formula.. this assigns the id of the target at the variable number equal to the user. a.add_state(20);v[(a.index + 1)||(a.enemy_id + 4)]=(b.index+1)||(b.enemy_id+4) and this...
  12. Countyoungblood

    method for swapping out states

    I want a method for checking if an object has one of several states and if so checks their current TP and modifies that state dependent on the current TP value. the objects can only have one of the states at a time they need to replace eachother. I want this code to run one time per round so it...
  13. Countyoungblood

    attack formula variables

    Id like an attack to grab the Id of the target and save it in a variable so my state checking method can read it and apply/remove states. The goal is an attack that binds the user and target together and both lose the state if it falls off one of them (via damage) Multiple users can be...
  14. Countyoungblood

    state for skipping affected targets turn.

    what is the best approach you've found for creating multi-turn attack states? I've found a small method to add into my on_turn_end to update a state if its found on the end of the turn. the problem is I dont want the affected user to be able to do anything or have options come up...but.. if i...
  15. Countyoungblood

    Ace: adding new end of turn methods in battle

    I need a method to run at the end of every turn Ive been searching in battlerbase but turn and end are...very...common...terms... where is the code for what happens at the end of each turn? Update: found the code in Game_battler line 799.. its a method called on_turn_end now to write a method...
  16. Countyoungblood

    Galv's animated battlers specific state animations

    Id like to assign different animations to different states. Im using Galv's animated battlers here is part of it. def set_idle_pose return if !@bactivated if death_state? do_pose(12) elsif guard? do_pose(1) elsif !@states.empty? do_pose(state_pose) elsif...
  17. Countyoungblood

    Layering showPicture,animations,and player sprites

    I would like to create a scene with with a picture above an event which is playing an animation which so far works.. but the player seems to be in the same layer as the event. Id like to have the player be above the picture but the animation event below both.. so bottom: --event playing...
  18. Countyoungblood

    product key resend?

    where can i reactivate my copy of rpgmaker? is there a way to have the key resent to my email or do i need a new key generated?
  19. Countyoungblood

    redownloading software

    Ive bought ace can i redownload the software?
  20. Countyoungblood

    Free game reviews

    I'd like to open an invitation for anyone to request a review of their game to be written into this thread. I value challenging games. I value battle mechanics. I value quirky characters. If i find any logical flaws in the storyline or mechanics I will point them out. If you want to create a...

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