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  1. KakonComp

    Life is Putting Game Make on Hold

    I just got a call early in the morning; someone in my family has been sent to hospice care, and I am the only one left who would be willing to go cross country to be there for them. I'm putting anything I'm working towards on hold while this happens, means I'm dropping out of the Halloween...
  2. KakonComp

    RMMV [One Map Challenge Game] Demur

    What is Demur? The word Demur, meaning doubt, plays a pivotal role throughout the game. Maria, one of three survivors living in a world completely void of humans save for them, suddenly hears the cries of a child. Rushing away from safety, and ahead of both Aaron and Karin, Maria eventually not...
  3. KakonComp

    Audio Design in Our Games

    Hello friends who dabble in the dark arts of game creation; I come to you wishing to discuss how everyone's games can be enhanced by various forms of audio, or, are there any sounds common in RPGs that may annoy you to hear if overdone/in general. What runs through your mind when thinking of...
  4. KakonComp

    Extra Wall Paintings

    As I was mapping in MV with no goal other than to practice and learn, I noticed the default graphics had a somewhat lacking amount of portraits and paintings to hang on our interior walls. Below are some extras that I put together using actual paintings from the online National Gallery of Art...
  5. KakonComp

    Greetings, total newbie pre-orders MZ!

    I have been waiting to get my hands on RPG Maker MZ before jumping into the community, and with last night's pre-order, I actually have access to MV now. I no longer have to wait for the newest release to dig into this series and learn how to make games for the pure joy of it, which is really...

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