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  1. Lonnehart

    What amount of hand holding is your preferred amount?

    I prefer none. I prefer the player explore the game world for information and to be careful about how much time passes before saving. I also prefer having players save at the last town they were in before leaving and not save anywhere in the wilderness as well as right before boss fights...
  2. Lonnehart

    Ideas for boss creatures

    How about a boss who is completely unassuming and ordinary looking? So you fought through a lot of enemy grunts to get to your objective and then you come to this final lone soldier ready to face you. But when you fight him you suddenly realize he's not so ordinary and you could be in for a...
  3. Lonnehart

    Why are Slimes weak to fire?

    Great... This thread just gave me an idea for a new kind of slime... made from gellified gasoline. :) In all seriousness, I always thought that fire and ice spells have a huge affect on them due to them being part liquid. Fire evaporating them and ice slowing them down (though not hurting...
  4. Lonnehart

    Class tied to BGM: The Super Bard!

    I love this idea. However, I'd also love to see the old art of "song twisting". Just something I learned in Everquest as a bard, where you start a song before the one you were singing were finished. By doing this you temporarily have the effects of the two songs you were singing active.
  5. Lonnehart

    Multiple Endings vs the One True Ending?

    I like how Harvest Moon: Back to Nature handled it's endings as far as your spouses are concerned. While I haven't played the Girl version, at least in the Guy version of the game...
  6. Lonnehart

    What makes a game cringy?

    How about this? In RPG style games you could have a number of marriage candidates your character can hook up with. However, some of them look like young children despite the game swearing up and down that they're legal age... Yes, I'm looking at you, "Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility"...
  7. Lonnehart

    "Cinematics" during combat

    I was watching a Final Fantasy III gameplay video and a scene came up that got me curious. During combat Terra, Locke, and Edgar have a conversation just before the battle starts. They're also moving around the screen instead of assuming their "battle stations". Is this possible in vanilla...
  8. Lonnehart

    "Why bother making a video game?"

    I'm not sure I'm allowed to post video links here, so I'll just make a suggestion. Go search out Extra Credit's "Non-Professional Game Dev" on Youtube. I'm guessing MOST of us make games just because we enjoy making them. :)
  9. Lonnehart

    Dealing with inconsistencies with time/era/century

    I keep this in mind whether making a game or playing a game with an alternate history (such as the Fallout series)... These game worlds take place in alternate universes. The laws that govern those universes are not the same as the laws that govern ours. Hence why things like stimpacks or...
  10. Lonnehart

    And then it grows...

    I made a post about this (where I asked for advice on how to stay focused). This is the sort of thing I wish to avoid as it can really get in the way of completing the game. I think you should get the main quest done first (and cut out all the side quests right now so you can remain focused on...
  11. Lonnehart

    How do you cook your eggs with the yolk intact?

    That works. Unless the egg breaks when you pour it in. But an easily broken yolk is a sign of an egg close to going bad. But when it does that I scramble it immediately.
  12. Lonnehart

    How do you cook your eggs with the yolk intact?

    Still a bit new here. Was looking through all the forums and found a thread in here that mentioned waiting for an egg to crack. So I figured "Why not start a new thread about eggs?". All this while I'm actually making fried eggs. Figured I'd try posting in an off topic forum. Could lead to...
  13. Lonnehart

    Are These Spells Copyright

    I guess you could use words from other languages. Just gotta be careful due to how one word in that language can be an offensive word in others. For example, the word that defines the stone waste that comes from refining metallic ore is also a derogatory british slang word... I know at least...
  14. Lonnehart

    Are These Spells Copyright

    I want to use names that at first you don't associate with the spell effect. I'd like my players to experiment to see what the spell does (if they're too lazy to read the description. For instance... "#%^@!", #%^@!!", and #%^@!!!". Sure without the spell description you won't know what it...
  15. Lonnehart

    How would you handle the Legendary Sword of Plot Advancement trope to make it more interesting?

    I guess in a future game my "sword of future plot advancement" will be... a harem. You win the love of a LOT of girls and use that collective love to kill the final boss...
  16. Lonnehart

    What kind of Demos do you prefer?

    I prefer a demo that lasts five minutes which showcases the game's story and gameplay. If I'm not impressed with the game within those five minutes, then I will think it needs more work. I guess I think of it like a book... I remember being told that when you submit your manuscript the first...
  17. Lonnehart

    Are These Spells Copyright

    Personally, I'd use different names that are unique to the world I'm building. Using a totally alien language (if it's not taking place anywhere where English is NOT the main language). I prefer not to use anything the larger video game makers use because it makes my game different from...
  18. Lonnehart

    How would you handle the Legendary Sword of Plot Advancement trope to make it more interesting?

    I think I would make it so this "legendary sword" is not a literal sword, but something else. Something that the player finds out over time when they gather people for their adventuring party and get to know those people. The kind of thing that evil kings and dictators fear the most...
  19. Lonnehart

    "Why bother making a video game?"

    TO MAKE EASY MONEY!!! Just kidding. Making games is fun and a challenge. And especially with RPG Maker, which reminds me of the old days when games were made in some basement or garage and didn't cost billions of dollars to make...
  20. Lonnehart

    New to RPG Maker MV and want advice on how to stay focused

    Well, that's part of it. My problem is that I have so many ideas for sidequests and my impatience makes me start on them even when building main quest. At some point I get so sidetracked that I burn out and stop altogether. So now it's important for me to learn how to focus on one quest at a...

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