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    MBS - FPLE Introduction This plugin makes your game a 3D labyrinth explorer, it's quite easy to use once everything is set up. I've been working on this for some time now, I really hope you enjoy it (and I swear I'll try my best to fix all the issues you report >.<)...
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    MBS - Async Movies

    MBS - Async Movies (1.0.2) by Masked   Introduction This plugin allows you to play movies as a asynchronous task, this way you can still control the game behavior via events. How to use Save the plugin in a .js file on your game's js/plugins folder, there's no need to write the...
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    MBS - Sound Emittance

    MBS - Sound Emittance (1.1.3) by Masked   Introduction This plugin allows you to set sound emittances for events, and for the first time in RPG Maker (as far as I know) with 3D sound positioning (thanks WebAudio /o/). That's nice for creating sound effects on rivers, fire, people...
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    MBS - Smooth Scroll

    MBS - Smooth Scroll (1.0.2) by Masked Introduction Basically, this script cause the map scroll to delay a little bit so it looks smoother and more natural. Features - Scroll works 360º, so it (should be) compatible with 8D movement plugins; - Allows you to choose the scroll speed and the...
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    MBS - Mobile DirPad & Action Button

    MBS - Mobile DirPad & Action Button (1.1.0) by Masked     Introduction This plugin was made based on this request, it creates a Directional Pad and action buttons on the screen when the game is played with mobile devices. Screenshots   How to use Save the script in a .js file on your project's...
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    MBS - Map Zoom

    MBS - Map Zoom by Masked Introduction This plugin allows you to change the map zoom with some simple Plugin Commands, I made this based on this post. Features - The map scroll and mouse/touch movement are adapted to work with zoom; - You can choose if the zoom is reseted when the...
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    MBS - Visual Equipment

    MBS - Visual Equipment (1.0.2) by Masked   Introduction This plugin displays specific images on game characters depending on what items they are equipped with. It may have some bugs since I'm not used to MV yet, so if you notice something wrong please tell me o/ Features - You can set offsets...

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