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  1. Ekanselttar

    Farewell,denizens of RMW

    Yep.I know. I picked up a bit of C# from my older bro earlier.Having difficulties making exactly the game I want to make in RMMV,I decided to move to Unity to have more control over my game.Good luck to all of you on your game making endeavors! (and thanks for caring btw)
  2. Ekanselttar

    Farewell,denizens of RMW

    Hello. I guess you haven't even interacted with me before.I don't log in all that often.Now...I'm leaving.Forever. Thank you for the good times and the insightful discussions we had...fellow Rpg Makers...I'm moving on.You might hear from me soon...or not. Goodbye forever. Sincerely...
  3. Ekanselttar

    MV : Changing the default font

    hello everyone.I'm finally back If the title was confusing,let me explain : There's a default RPG Maker MV font,one the program uses by default for dialogue,menus...etc... My question is   : Is it possible to CHANGE that font into another font? Thanks in advance, ekan
  4. Ekanselttar

    Your favourite modern game soundtracks

    My preferences,in no particular order : Skyrim - Ambient Music  DOOM (2016)  - I can't even describe how great this is. (warning : very loud also mildly scary picture for young watchers) S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl - Very,very atmospheric. Red Dead Redemption - *Brings back...
  5. Ekanselttar

    DMV Zelda HUD

    Kind of a simple question,but,is it possible to use another image? If the answer is yes,which part of the code should I edit to display the custom image instead of the hearts? Nice plugin by the way.Keep up the good work.
  6. Ekanselttar

    That place is pretty trashed!

    That place is pretty trashed!
  7. Ekanselttar

    Just what makes an RPG...An RPG?

    I've had this poking my think bone a while ago. What makes an RPG an RPG for you? The thrill of discovering a new location...?       Character Developement and Progression...?   The story...?     The world...?       It being an RPG...? discuss
  8. Ekanselttar

    your MOST biggest weakness in RM

    Currently,my biggest RMMV weaknesses are coding,balancing,databasing and lacking motivation. I started levelin' up my coding skills to a very below average level,and balancing is getting less tedious,my mapping is getting better,and databasing fills me now with utter joy...Still no progress...
  9. Ekanselttar

    How to generate a random number in a formula? (solved)

    Can this snippet be integrated into an event page? Or does it require being integrated into a plugin?
  10. Ekanselttar

    Two events, one quest

    "No" switch method So,first of all,you're gonna need to make a first event page,something like this :  Then,go to database,create 3 new items,for 2 outcomes of your quest Water Bucket - Empty Water Bucket - Filled Water Bucket - Magic Pond Water as in the image below...
  11. Ekanselttar

    I'm overburned. Now what?

    Hello, First of all,I want to wish you a quick recovery from your burdens. I noticed that you did too much work on such a small time period.Juggling between a game project/coding/a workshop and university isn't easy,obviously. My advice? Drop the game dev for a while,kick...
  12. Ekanselttar

    Fresh from finishing The Walking Dead S2 Episode 1. Dayum that stuff can really scar you for...

    Fresh from finishing The Walking Dead S2 Episode 1. Dayum that stuff can really scar you for life.Anyone who played'll know what I'm talking about.
  13. Ekanselttar

    </hiatus> I'm back baby,back in black

    </hiatus> I'm back baby,back in black
  14. Ekanselttar

    Dunno why,but I've always felt that female faces in the Character Generator are more expressive...

    Dunno why,but I've always felt that female faces in the Character Generator are more expressive than male ones.
  15. Ekanselttar

    Let's Learn Trivia Together!

    Great idea Ms.Fish,I've had this question bugging me Are there really two Scarface movies?
  16. Ekanselttar

    [2016] What do you think will happen to VR Gaming?

    Imagine attending classes from under your warm bed sheets :) :) :)   this is the future YEAH SCIENCE
  17. Ekanselttar

    [2016] What do you think will happen to VR Gaming?

    I do think VR will crash by the end of the year.After use,I felt spinny and had a headache,plus,there aren't any stellar masterpieces,and most games are horror games.I'd rather stick my face in the TV than wear Heisenberg meth lab eye protection that gives me nausea and a hangover-level...
  18. Ekanselttar

    The Second Act

    I could use a project on the side to get more writing experience under my belt,so count on me if you need to brainstorm a little or if you desire some help with editing and writing any dialogues,backstories or lore. Marvelous work by the way :)
  19. Ekanselttar

    Hey People - What do you do when you 're bored?

    Depends on my current surrondings and plans for later in the day. When boredom hits lightly,I hit twitch and watch some DayZ & Counter Strike,if I have little time 'till my friends come pounding on my door. When it's really a lot to wait until the next event,I watch an ep or 2 of Breaking...
  20. Ekanselttar

    What is your weakness in games?

    Playing with Russians in CS:Go (no offense) Stealth & Sneaking Puzzles Strategy and Micromanagement Races in driving games.

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