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  1. esby

    RMVXA Amort

    DOWNLOAD Amort is a short story driven game created for McBacon Jam 4. It was created by the team of zDS, Superstroke, Cashmere Cat and myself. It takes roughly 30 minutess to complete. Synopsis: Five years after divorcing her husband, a mother returns to her hometown, where she once fell in...
  2. esby


      albedo /alˈbiːdəʊ/ the proportion of the incident light or radiation that is reflected by a surface   Looking out the window he can see the light Can you guide him? One lonely Astronaut waiting in the sky Can you save him?     Credits Archeia...
  3. esby


    aubade /əʊˈbɑːd/ a poem or piece of music appropriate to the dawn or early morning. ☀ Aubade is a short fantasy rpg, the estimated completion time should be around two hours. With the land in perennial night, a young woman from the Heliacal Knights has been given a straightforward yet...
  4. esby

    The Good, The Bad & The Pork

    SYNOPSIS: In the small town of Winslow on the edge of the western frontier a woman called Tess watches the falling stars streak along the skies. Awoken by a commotion outside of her window she comes to the aid of a lost pig and promises to find its home. Join the duo as they explore the...
  5. esby


    XIX Antecedent is a modern RPG with exploration elements. This version of the game is a demo that acts as a prequel and aims of give a sample of gameplay elements found in the full version.   S Y N O P S I S   Nestled under the snowy peaks of Mt. Alasdair an eery stillness has befallen the...

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--- F.Mage Cooking Part 2 ---

F.Knight: Chef isn't here at this moment,he goes back into his Hometown to celebrating the Halloween with them.
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F.Mage: Then Leave it to me,i can make a Special Dishes for our Team in Halloween! (Rushes Into The Kitchen)
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aero the acrobat 2 on sega had some absolute bangers on the ost... why Meeting Dr. Dis was just for a cutscene and not a boss makes me sad lol
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"Just set overworld grass as outside grass."

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Any thoughts on my hexagon map system?

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