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  1. NPC

    Letting the player control the pace of the narrative...

    Hi all, While I was working on the script for my upcoming game (unapologetic plug; link in my signature), I came across an interesting problem which I think would make for good discussion: Is there any way to let the player move the narrative forward on their own terms while also making sure...
  2. NPC

    A crucial mechanic for my battle system (Temporary Parameters)

    Hi, all- I'm super nervous about posting here...but I'm doing it anyways! At the moment, I'm designing a battle system for a future game that I'd like to create. Since the game would be mostly focused on battles and gameplay, I want a key feature to help it stand out (as well as make it fun xD)...
  3. NPC

    Targeting issues with Hime's Scope Scripts

    So I've been attempting to create a battle system somewhat similar to FFii (or FFiv, depending on locale), using Hime's Scope Change and Scope Damage Modifier. They work quite well, but I'm having issues with two things: 1. I can't figure out for the life of me how to add a second key bind to...
  4. NPC

    Henri's Adventure/Shutter (Indie in a Week Contest)

    Hai, I'm NPC, and this is my game: https://www.dropbox....eHenri.exe?dl=0 STORY: You play as Henri in this farcical spinoff of my current game, World One. Awakening in a lame re-creation of the real map, Henri bonds quickly with Maxi, a small but fierce opponent set on capturing...Henri's...
  5. NPC

    Clockwork Battle System (Idea)

    Clockwork Battle System (CWBS)   So I've been planning to make this for a while now, and I wanted opinions on it as a system! I would appreciate any opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc.! :) So without further ado, here's a graph which I shall reference, and which serves as the whole basis for...
  6. NPC

    Visual Novel needs to be reread for fast players

    In RPG Maker games, I personally am notorious for accidentally skipping over dialogue by double tapping the spacebar or something of the like. So now that I'm looking to develop a Visual Novel...which is all about that dialogue, I want over-eager players to be able to go back in time. Er, I...
  7. NPC

    DS tile expansions + etc.

    Hiya, this is sorta a request and sorta not a request. If you haven't stopped reading after that terrible opening line, then allow me to explain my conundrum. I love the DS tiles, and for my second project (after the current one I'm working on), I shall be attempting to make a VN about a boy...
  8. NPC

    World One: The Beginning (Demo included~)

    THE DEMO (LAST UPDATED: 9/16/15)   Coming soon: A story update! Major changes shall be coming for Eric's character and story, as well as the addition of more content in Deep Forest, and the chance to encounter Henri for the first time on Illfog! Many things are set to change story-wise, but that...
  9. NPC

    NPC's Writing Workshop

    ~NPC does Writing~      Hello comrades, chums, and unknowns, my name is Jon, or NPC, and I'm a hobbyist writer looking to go professional. But in order to do that, I need to put together a portfolio. So, for approximately two years, I will be taking requests regularly! Here's what I do: -Short...
  10. NPC

    Switching between 1st and 3rd person gameplay

    I'll try to keep to the rules of this topic and not be specific to my current project as much as I can, but here's the quick rundown: In my game, you traverse the halls of a mansion with only a flashlight and a camera. Your goal? Set up a conivincing story for the tabloids so you can avoid...
  11. NPC

    NPC and the Quest for Art

    Welcome to my updated thread of artstuffs! Art will be added to the gallery after being posted on the thread. Here's my pieces that I believe show my current quality of work :)
  12. NPC

    The Beginning: Last of All Heroes (UPDATED DEMO)

      NOTICE: If you find yourself trapped on the mountain, look down this page. I've posted where the exit is. :)     -Introduction- So this is my first game since I lost everything, and it's going quite well, minus a few bugs. So, please enjoy and leave a review with the things that you thought...

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