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  1. QuesadasSwan

    Being busy

    Being busy
  2. QuesadasSwan

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    @AsuranFish That looks really impressive! Just curious, what tileset are you using?
  3. QuesadasSwan

    Prepping for Ludum Dare 41, and for an interview next week.

    Prepping for Ludum Dare 41, and for an interview next week.
  4. QuesadasSwan

    FREE Asearia. Looking for writers and mappers.

    Hi Vincent, The story here looks pretty interesting so far... I could help with some of the scripting and story editing in your project, though I'm still learning Javascript myself. I might help with beta testing too if you need one later on. PM me if you're interested. Thank you!
  5. QuesadasSwan

    Still coding...

    Still coding...
  6. QuesadasSwan

    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    Okay, here's my character: Albhert! He doesn't look like me in real life, but he and I sort of have the same personality. Faceset: Spritesets: Personality: Quiet, aloof, but friendly, and a bit lazy. Is somewhat knowledgeable on programming languages like Ruby, Python, and C++. Can get a...
  7. QuesadasSwan

    Hi Everyone!

    Been a long time user of the RPG Maker series since the XP days. Though, technically, my first RPG Maker was RPG Maker 2 for the PS2, but my first RPG Maker on PC was the XP version. I started joining here to get ideas, and help for my future projects! I'm also here to play some great games too!

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