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  1. White Curtain Request

    Thanks, but not quite. Bump~
  2. A Simple Event Problem.

    Thank you so much! Works perfectly! Close please~
  3. A Simple Event Problem.

    Basically what I want to do is if I have a cabinet, I can go up to the cabinet, hit the space button, and start the event. My problem is that if I make the event in front of the cabinet on the floor, you can face any direction and hit the space button as long as you're on the tile. I tried to...
  4. Event System Support (expert users only)

    Found out a solution! After getting hit and losing one health I set control switch A on which leads to the second event page. On the second event page I disabled movement of the guy and set the trigger on parallel process. The actual contents include it Waiting 62 frames using 'Wait...' under...
  5. SolarGale's Workshop

    Thanks! This is like perfect!
  6. White Curtain Request

    Hi, I'm looking for a white version of the tied to the side curtain. There's a grey and red side one, but not a white one. I need a white one that matches the default white one but looks like one of the side tied curtains. Thank you. I also put an example thing on there because I didn't want it...
  7. Event System Support (expert users only)

    Thanks, that helped out a bit, but I still have an issue if you accidently run into the monster. Basically if you hit the up key and a monster moves in front of you before you go up, you get hit like 10 times at least. Know how to change that at all?
  8. SolarGale's Workshop

    Title: Leah's Nightmares Title Colour: Black Style: Style 4 Vectors: Hoping for like a ghostly, nightmarish thought bubble with the tail to the right, the color should be Something like this between something like this. Additional Info: I'm hoping you can make the bubble mostly fill a large...
  9. Event System Support (expert users only)

    Hi, I'm unsure if this event is advanced enough or if it's even going to be possible without scripting, but I'm trying to have enemies that move on the map and when they touch you, you take damage. My problem is that if you run into the enemy, you almost instantly die. I want it to be more of a...

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