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  1. kovak

    The Guard Skill... let's change it.

    i'd use Guard to raise the effectiveness of my next action so my turn is not wasted. You win battles by dealing damage, anything else is just an excuse, really.
  2. kovak

    RMMV I can't save anymore if I use this plugin

    have you tried to place it below all the other plugins who affects combat?
  3. kovak

    Miss posting updates of my projects here...miss having time to work on my projects

    Miss posting updates of my projects here...miss having time to work on my projects
  4. kovak

    RMMZ DoubleX RMMZ Enhanced Codebase

    I've tested it on MV and so far it makes playtesting smooth as ever.
  5. kovak

    [TWings] Trade Shop (Suikoden-like)

    Being honest all i need is the stock function and how your plugin is amazing. I understand your idea is to keep it as close to Suikoden as possible as well. I think i'll look for another alternative and keep up with your cool stuff man
  6. kovak

    [TWings] Trade Shop (Suikoden-like)

    Maybe that's why i can't see any of YEP's windows. Is there a way to call those windows with your plugin on? Your plugin is working as intented so if not possible i'm cool with it. I can also play around with the window size and placement without any issues.
  7. kovak

    Gabe MZ - Smart Followers

    Feels more natural, maybe it's possible to make the follower wait for the player to move further in the future. That's something i'd like to have seen on MV instead a couple of years ago. Good job, buddy.
  8. kovak

    [TWings] Trade Shop (Suikoden-like)

    Is this compatible with Yep Shop Core?
  9. kovak

    What's your one favorite thing about RPG Maker Engine?

    My favorite would be XP. The thing i like the most is how layers are handled for mapping, it feels very professional compared to other versions
  10. kovak

    Hime Equip Slots

    You'd need Weapon Swap by Olivia
  11. kovak


  12. kovak

    Why are so many things hard-coded in RMMV Editor?

    Only way to solve this is to wait for a "Pro" edition of RM. Idk if people would agree with me but it's a waste of opportunity that they haven't prepared a Rpg Maker MV Pro version yet cuz many users intend to use RM to make comercial games.
  13. kovak

    GDC with Yoko Taro [MEDIA]

    GDC with Yoko Taro
  14. kovak

    Is basic status ailments really basic?

    It's up to you how you handle it. A blind may reduce AIM by 25% or by 12%. Same goes for Evasion buffs, if your game has any. You could make a list and then start playing around with numbers to see how it fits in your game. Do you want DoT? My game needs more than one type of DoT? Is DoT...
  15. kovak

    If you like Horror

    If you like Horror
  16. kovak

    I can't understand how itchio works. It forces you to go to a Jam page to resubmit your entry...

    I can't understand how itchio works. It forces you to go to a Jam page to resubmit your entry when the page is new...
  17. kovak

    Workflow, placeholder map/tileset and future proofing

    1 - Yes, using placeholder art helps to design a prototype 2 - MV uses 48 x 48, but since you wanna go for NES/SNES style graphics make them 12 x 12 and then upscale it to 48x48 3 - Yes, it's smart but also consumes more memory so you can use both paralax and tiles to reduce memory usage...
  18. kovak

    Condition is Applied when TP = 100

    Thx for both of you. I was able to solve the issue making 2 separated states.
  19. kovak

    Condition is Applied when TP = 100

    I've learned that using Custom Passive Condition you can apply a passive state and it will last for a set number of turns. My issue is that i need it to check if the units TP has reached 100 to be activated and it must work for Actors and for Enemies as well. Could someone help me with it...
  20. kovak

    December 2019 Goals and Progress Thread

    I've Joinned the Scream Solstice Jam so all i've been doing is documenting, gathering resources for this prototype, playing around with plugins to get the best horro atmosphere and writing the plot. It has been pretty cool for me cuz the theme is Horror and Superstition and i've discovered a...

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