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  1. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    One other question still on the same topic... I would like to regularly update a variable by adding up all of the numbers stored in different arrays. AllBooksIncome = Bookarray001[4] + ... Bookarray999[4] As books are added, I want to be sure I capture whatever income is earned by each book...
  2. sammc

    Random Name Generator Issue

    Here is the plugin link:
  3. sammc

    Simple adding operation and a variable inside an array

    Hi, This seems like a javascript question; I need to add a numerical value from a variable contained in an array. Book01 [9] -- the number is stored here I try to add to variable CurrentIncome += Book01[9] The result? CurrentIncome=0. Is this because it has converted into a string, or maybe...
  4. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    -- Wow, that's a great CRUD system, thank you for sharing! I think I may end up using some of what you made here if I need to delete books or edit them. Looks complicated so it would take time to tinker. Mine is a bit simplified at the moment so I can bare with the complexity until I add more...
  5. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    I managed to "fix" the issue in the mean time by using a different variable. No issues now. 36 is in quarantine until I figure it out.
  6. sammc

    Choices and an information window

    Hi, I'm trying to accomplish creating a book catalog menu. A user can look at 150 books with a single window that updates with the information (I've got that already programmed)...the thing I'm struggling with is simultaneously showing a basic choices window ALONGSIDE the info window. 1. A...
  7. sammc

    Pausing Suggestions

    Hello, I am trying to implement a simple way to pause parallel processes effectively and cleanly using a switch called PAUSECLOCK. It pauses the week, month and year clock I built using variables, which runs inside a parallel running common event that activates once at the start of the game...
  8. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    variable 36 is the one giving me trouble. The rest are numerical, but they also don't seem to be getting additional 0's added to them. Thanks for the tips!
  9. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    So I found a bit of code running in a common event that effected the 4th item in an array. I deleted it. However, the problem persists. I've gone through all my code at this point a few times. I'm gonna need to look at my plugins next.
  10. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    It has been kind of random, 0000 or 00000000000000000000000000 or 00 etc. I'm not sure what's causing it, but I'm suspecting a plugin conflict. It only happens with the string - the others look accurate to what they're supposed to be. It's the text variable (string I mean). -I have tried using...
  11. sammc

    YEP MessageCore - Gray Font Outline Not Removable

    Hi, I am trying to pinpoint where a certain font outline is being set to gray. I have looked high and low in my plugins and even tried changing in rpgmaker's js file for outline. It didn't remove it. Font outline to 0 and still there is an outline.
  12. sammc

    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    Curious how you broke down responsibilities on this project? Who does art, music, programming? Have you worked on games prior to this one?
  13. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    So far so good, I got it to create an array and Show Text displays the array contents. They seem to be unique each time! I'm noticing one glitch with one variable -- it adds 000000000 to the string that is inside the variable. For example, CurrentGenre = "None" will display as...
  14. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    OMG! I think you got it : D This is amazing, I knew it was a loop like what you have but I had no idea how to phrase it. Thank you caethyril! However I'm probably not using it correctly. Can you see what I did wrong here? Here's what I think I'm doing. A common event is called when the...
  15. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    Thank you! How should I go about defining them so I can access them at any time ("globally"?) without problems? Control Variable >>?? Also, how do I go about updating say book148[5] without changing book 120[5]? I tried it just now with But it changed the other array. I'd like to be able to...
  16. sammc

    Random Name Generator Issue

    Hi I got this plugin by Florodude and have tried using it. However I notice it adds a single space before or after text. I have MessageCore installed by YEP in addition to this one on a test map. SelectRandomName("publishing companies") + SelectRandomName("publishing inc") For example, my...
  17. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to implement a catalog of books published in my novel publishing sim, in the most clean fashion with a bit of javascript. I have considered the route of manually creating variables, but I need about 150 arrays. 1. Player creates a new book - a book array is created...

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