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  1. EuphemiaArtoria

    RMMV The Rest is Silence (No Travel Game Jam)

    My entry for the no travel game jam! This is my first time entering a game jam and I struggled a bit with the time so the result is a little on the short side. I hope I provide a memorable experience and I'm very grateful for any and all feedback! The Rest is Silence is a short horror title...
  2. EuphemiaArtoria

    RMMV Petal Knights - Playable Now!

    Petal Knights Episode One Petal Knights is an RPG inspired by Sailor Moon & classic other mahou shoujo anime, telling the story of modern day schoolgirls who must become Knights in Shining Armour to defend their world. Interlopers from Faerie are trying to steal broken hearts and only the Petal...
  3. EuphemiaArtoria

    SOLVED / Yanfly Skill Cooldown Issue

    EDIT: Think I figured this out and it was down to my own individual hamhandedness. I had renamed the Skill Cooldown script file. When I deleted it and replaced it with the original, it worked again as expected. I'd delete this topic but I think I can. Sorry to bother you all! Thank you very much...
  4. EuphemiaArtoria

    Compatibility Issue w/ Tankentai and Yanfly Steal Item

    I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace, the largely untranslated Japanese Tankentai Sideview Battle System, and Yanfly's Steal Item script. The steal skill seems to work generally, but none of the steal-specific messages appear in the battle log. If steal is successful, no text appears at all. If it is...
  5. EuphemiaArtoria

    Monster Traps

    First of all, I've got a system where instead of random encounters, monsters walk around the map as events. When they touch the player they start a combat encounter with a troop of enemies and then erase themselves afterwards. What I want is for the player to be able to create a trap, an event...
  6. EuphemiaArtoria

    Set self switches for many NPCs on a map at once

    Here's what I want to do: have monsters visible on the map that create fights when you walk into them. When you beat them they disappear. Certain factors will make all the monsters on a given map disappear or reappear, for instance if the player uses an item or spell that kills all the monsters...

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