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  1. Vibrato / Lib Battle Motion

    Hello, Where do I put the motions PNG file to do this ? I installed the lib plugin and study the code to create motions but I dont find where to put this png : When I put it in sv_actors and select it as the battler image this is the result : Many thanks
  2. MV Character design : Fuse/Miximo, Daz3D vs GCH vs Spriter vs Daz3D vs MakeHuman

    Hello, I spent 197 hours to discover RPG Maker MV and try things, now I'd like to have a custom design for my characters. I'm not much into "chibi" cute design, more into standard characters like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Context : 9/10 project organization (my job), 7/10 web dev (my old...
  3. $gameVariables.value(20)._hp works but not $gameVariables.value(20).gainHp(6000);

    Hello, Could you please help me with JS and explain to me why $gameVariables.value(20)._hp = 4000; works but not $gameVariables.value(20).gainHp(4000); ? Should I do something like this ? var tmpActor = new Actor($gameVariables.value(20).actorid); tmpActor.gainHp(4000); Actor is taken in the...
  4. Javascript in Note without plugin

    What do I miss ? I'm looking for the right syntax to use simple javascript in note for one hour and I find only how to make plugins ... I tried quotes, <$gameVar...> etc. Many thanks !!!!
  5. Use item on an ally > Common Event > how to target the ally ?

    Hello, I created a simple item : - Scope : 1 ally (let's call this ally "BOBBY"), occasion : Menu screen, Effect : calls a common event The common event : - Choose : 1. Learn Skill ABC or 2. Increase HP In this common event, how do I target BOBBY to make him learn the skill or increase his HP...
  6. Auto Passive States : why use a plugin when we can do it in the game ?

    Hello, I try to understand game mechanics : I don't understand the difference between this plugin : And adding a state to a player with the game For example, if I want a skill to give a passive state to a character : +10% evasion rate...
  7. Change tiles doesnt show

    Hello, I edit the image \img\tilesets\Outside_B.png to add more content in it What i added to the image shows successfully in Ressource manager preview, but doesnt show in tileset select on the left ... Please see screenshot to understand :
  8. Daily quests

    Hello, Intro I just bought RPG Maker MV 2 days ago, spent 28 hours on it, I discover everything, it's cool :-) I worked on a custom Web Brower based RPG for years in Ajax, then I discovered RPG Maker MV. It's in Javascript so I have some hope to write custom code and it will replace my...

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Welp, I just finished my favorite part of RPG making which is creating skills, now onto the tasks I like less so the motivation is lower. At least I'll get to create new ones while designing enemies!
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