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  1. Kalyith

    First RPG game you ever played

    I think my first RPG was Knights of the Old Republic. That was a long time ago!!! :kaomad2:
  2. Kalyith

    Dynamically outlining your plot with Google Sheets

    Thank you for showing us a free alternative. I would have never thought of this!
  3. Kalyith

    The Lost Art of Innkeeping - now available on Steam!

    I love games like this. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!! :kaopride:I really like the title too.
  4. Kalyith

    Khaar Stories

    I like the idea of each story speaking about a different character. The art looks cool too!
  5. Kalyith

    DDR Style Mini Game - RPG Maker MV

    Hey Shaz, Here is a link to the video I pulled the screenshot from. Skip to 0:14
  6. Kalyith

    DDR Style Mini Game - RPG Maker MV

    Hi everyone! I am interested in making a "ddr" style mini game to my current project. Is it possible to do this in RPG Maker MV? Is there a plugin I can download or will I need to learn to code it myself? Below is an example of what I'm thinking visually. :kaodes:
  7. Kalyith

    Sup :)

    Hi everyone! My name is Kalyith, but you can call me Kaly. I have been an artist for many years now and I'm looking to get into designing my own games with the help of RPG Maker. I'm currently using the trial version of MV since I haven't been able to purchase it from the website yet. I'm...

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Here's the title-screen for the game I'm working on: :LZSgrin:
Oh man I've been struggling with event spawners and Qmovement compatibility for quite a while- went as far as to use a tool just to pick crops :kaocry: but Ritter got their spawner to work with Qmove and I'm screeing! It's still in testing period but just- the feeling of getting over a large gameplay hurdle is a HUGE relief, I'm so thankful to Ritter! It's a cheap paid plugin but totally worth it!
Welp, I just finished my favorite part of RPG making which is creating skills, now onto the tasks I like less so the motivation is lower. At least I'll get to create new ones while designing enemies!
New to MV... Awesome forum, cheers everyone.

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