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    Simple question: Can you play a SE during a text window using an escape code?

    I'd just like to know if there's a way in MV, or a plugin, that'd let you do something like this: You hear a loud \SE[Gun.ogg] BANG in the other room. That way the player would hear a sound at the appropriate time during the dialogue/narration. I'd hate to do- Show text: You hear a loud-...
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    Simple Text-Input scene [WITH VIDEO DEMO]

    Might as well make this too in case it's a lot simpler than my other script-fix requests. Thank you SO much in advance for anyone that could help me out on this- getting this to work has been a migraine. Please forgive me if I'm missing a lot of key details- I've never had to request a plugin...
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    Text Input Dialogue + Player Notepad Compatibility Issue

    Simply put: Even when popped into a fresh project, these two scripts: and don't play well together. The problem...
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    Keyboard Input Dialogue- ADJUSTMENT NEEDED

    So I'm using this plugin so I can have the player answer riddles with their keyboard: The only problem is, old versions of the script let you put the hint text ABOVE the text input window, but now it's shoved into the box where it doesn't fit. Is there a way to...
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    Change Window Title in-game with SRD.GameUpgrade?

    So with Some Random Dude's GameUpgrade plugin, you can change quite a few weird traits about your game, including what the title bar of your game window says, kinda like Minecraft. I was wondering if there was a way to use a script call to change this mid-game? That way I could mess with players...
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    Yanfly Message Backlog showing <soundeffect> entries

    I'm using Yanfly's Core, Message Core, Message Extentions 1, and Message backlog systems. Everything works fine, except if I use \lsn<textpen>...
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    (Yanfly) Picture Common Events- 'Release' Behavior Fix? So I've been using this script to build my game's point-and-click UI for some time now, and recently made a very simple system of holding down a button on-screen that closes the player's eyes [blackening the screen], and then opens them once...
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    Mastermind Minigame for RPGVXA?

    So I'm currently working on a point-and-click type adventure game and needed a small handful of minigames for it. I found a few that are rather nice, but then the one that I really wanted to work out is only for VX. Would anyone either be able to translate this to VX Ace or make a new version...

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